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CLUB39 (SL) First soapland experience with Alice


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Apr 17, 2019
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First soapland experience

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Appointment Length & Costs:
90 minutes, 46k

Booking Method:
Direct Contact (LINE, Twitter, etc.)

Date of Encounter:
May 2024

Incall Soapland Provided Room

Language Notes:
English Only

Narrative of the Encounter:
The buildup

Seeing the trend that Club39 and specifically Alice seem to be the way for a foreigner in Japan I followed along. I contacted Alice directly via Twitter two days in advance and she quickly replied, leading to the booking of our 90 minutes together. Sometimes, she replies in English, sometimes in Japanese but Google translate is your friend. I only ever wrote to her in English and there never was any miscommunication.

The day before our meeting, she asked that I contact the shop an hour before our meeting via LINE and she did provide a QR code for a quick connection. I proceeded as she asked on the day of our meeting, confirming the booking with Club39 an hour before our meeting. They answered in Japanese, but again, Google translate is your friend.

WIth everything all set, I made my way to Yoshiwara and quickly found Club39. Another client was at the counter, but an employee quickly came to me and asked in English if I had a booking, which I replied "Yes, with Alice". I was led to the waiting room, I paid my fee, was offered a drink and waited until Alice was ready a few minutes later.

The fun part
An employee came to notice me that Alice was ready and I met her at the bottom of the stairs. She has blonde hair and a good body. Her face is not necessarily her best feature, but I usually find girls get cuter during the action in general, which was the case again with her.

Alice led me to her room and she was quickly very engaging. She is talktative despite her limited English but we understood each other most of the time. She is a bit quircky and loves to laugh.

I wanted the full soapland experience and she delivered. She helped me remove my clothes, she washed me on the "traditionnal japanese seat" (as she called it!), joined me in the bath, then offered mat play and bed play. We were sadly a bit rushed going through all that despite the fact I took 90 minutes, which I taught would be enough not to be rushed. Of course, things got heated during mat play and bed play. She is good at what she does and yes, she gets very wet and it leaks a lot during the action (borderline too much as she once squirted just while blowing me without me or her playing with her).

She joked around and laughed throughout the experience which makes for a fun time, but not necessarily a steamy time. She can also be a bit over the top, moaning and acting sexual while brushing her teeth, etc. But at least you're not getting a mechanical experience or a starfish.

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No, this review was written without a request from the Soapland or their provider.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, May Repeat.

Closing Comments:
I'm happy to have experienced a soapland in Japan and I think Alice is overall a can't miss experience for someone in my situation (a foreigner looking for a sureshot experience). And while I'd be more than happy to see Alice again, I'm also now curious to see if I can get a different experience (more erotic/steamy) from a different provider.
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Approved: 6/8/2024