First time - Pink Salon question


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Jan 25, 2012
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Hi there, New guy on the block and I'm currently with a friend here at Tokyo. We're planning to visit a Pink Salon named Hinomaru because reviews say its foreigner friendly. Just a few questions before we make up our mind.

We've never done any kind of paid services before so....
If I pay for 30 minutes and let's say I cum at 15mins. What happens there ?
What time would be the best time to go I.e. the best looking ones are free?
We can't speak Japanese at all.. will that be a huge problem ?
Do they make u wear a condom?
Last question, if someone would write me a review of the whole procees... That would make it much more easier for my friend and I.

- Thanks
Here ya go...

There are a few places where the girls walk around and they switch every so many minutes to another guy, so you get several girls. Never been to a place like that, so I don't know how that works.

Most places work like this:

You walk in and there's a guy near the door to take your cash and a wall of photos. You make sure to tell him you want to not wear a condom if that's what you prefer. He will either tell you, sorry all the girls require condoms or he will tell you which girls will do bare back. You pay for the time you want.

You pick a girl and go sit down on a small couch, the girl comes out and sites next to you. You would normally chat a little and then she strips, almost naked (they cannot by law be totally naked, so they leave their dress on but its just hanging at the waist).

You can touch the girl pretty much anywhere. She will work you until you cum and then she will go clean up. At this point, it seemed to me the two times I've been to a salon, they want you to leave. So if you had time left... well too bad. I heard some places will send out another girl if you have enough time left.

That's what I know, hope it helps.
did you make it top hinomaru, polarbear? how did it go? would love to read a review.