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Aug 10, 2013
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Hi, I'm monkey (this name was chosen a long time ago and I just kept it)

I will be in Japan from august 27th - August 31st

And I want to try Japan's "sex industry" before I leave.

I will be in Tokyo on the 28th But the rest I will be in Yokohama

So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to any escorts or soaplands go too

I looked at Kansai-Sayuri and a few reviews on her but I may not be able to catch her

Another question is that is 30000 Yen average for escorts?

And also, I read there was a certain behavior towards these people, So I was wondering what that was.

This is my first time so I appreciate any suggestions and infortmation.

Thanks in advance

Hopefully I can give you something to start from.

Some of this will depend on your level of Japanese. If you speak fluently, your options are quite wide but if you speak none or very basic you will be more limited. My suggestion would be to use an outcall escort service, either Asian Mystique or Hipness. In some respects this is by far the easiest choice as they are set up for foreigners with little or no Japanese. And I can vouch for the fact that some of the AM girls speak good English, which helps a lot and is probably better for a first timer.

Kansai Sayuri is a very, very good choice but you'll probably need to stay in the Kansai area to see her. I know that she will go outside of Kansai but I'm not sure if she'll do it for someone she has never met before. But you can always ask her, she is very good with her communication. And there is also her friend Eri who is listed on her site too.

Soaplands also seem a reasonable choice but I have no experience with these. But check out the forums where other members have written about them.

Some may disagree, but I personally really recommend using AM for a first time. They are usually spot on with communication and organisation and if you go with a girl who is recommend on the forums here you should be guaranteed a good time. There is always a chance of getting a girl you don't click with or one who is just having a bad day but in my opinion, using AM give the best chance of a good time.

As for the cost, you will see that they will vary quite a lot. Some are very low priced and some offer sliding costs for more time to encourage longer bookings. And some are just very expensive.

You mention something about a certain behavior and I'm curious what you have heard. I haven't really heard anything about a certain behavior. If you mean how the girls act, this really vary's a lot. Some will make you think they are having the time of their life and some will make you think like they can't wait for the time to run out (fortunately haven't had that kind of experience yet). And of course, the girls all have different personalities so some will be more submissive, some more dominant, some more chatty and some more shy, etc.

I hope maybe that helps.

I have very little Japanese

And maybe I will try the AM service, AM is Asian Mystique right? Is there a site you could direct me too?

Also any suggestions with girls, any tips would help. And do I just treat them like any girlfriend or what?

So Sayuri will probobly be unavailable if Im not in Kansai then right? Since my hotel is in Shin-Yokohama it might pose problems.

Would I be able to contact Sayuri and ask her some stuff VIa TAG or Would I need to email her?

Also Ive heard people using rental cell phones to call AM and stuff, is that reccomended?

1 more question (sorry) I heard that AM is primarily Tokyo, And Im in Yokohama so it may be hard or additional fee?

I haven't really read any reviews on Eri yet tho, how is she?

Thanks in advance.

P.S Im not really familiar with this forum yet
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Yokohama city is within Kanagawa Prefecture and it is VERY close to Tokyo Prefecture. When people here refer to Tokyo, we talk about anywhere within the Tokyo Prefecture, not a specific city like Yokohama. From Yokohama to Tokyo the distance is short, just cross the river by taking the Tokkaido line or any other headed that way. When you read about a place in Tokyo, you need to pay attention to which district within Tokyo people are referring to, hopefully any name that may pop-up will have a train station which you can access with the Yamanote line by making a transfer from the Tokkaido line, most probably at Shinbashi or the specific Tokyo station.

Still, Yokohama used to be a very popular area known for its old days "red district", but that is now past and in these days only a few shops remain. You should be able to find some action around Sakuragi-cho (桜木町) and Hinode-cho (日ノ出町)of what's left from those glorious times.
If you speak very little Japanese then definitely Asian Mystique is a good choice. And yes, AM is Asian Mystique.

With the girls, just treat them like you would any other girl. Just act normally, ask them about themselves, talk about fun stuff like Japan or music or holidays etc. Avoid asking them questions that are too personal, you will understand that they will not want to speak about certain things (like where for example). Some girls will be more open than others. Some have told me about other jobs they have, about their hometowns, about their families even. Some girls will be more reserved. Use your judgement. If they don't talk about themselves too much, don't ask things that are too personal. But essentially, the more you act normally the better the experience you will have.

As for Sayuri, try and ask her if she would be prepared to visit you. I don't know what her policy is on travelling people she has never met before but she might. But don't get your hopes up. It is a big risk for her to travel so far for someone she doesn't know. And I would contact her through her website, she might not always check TAG as frequently.

If your own personal cell phone works in Japan, I see no reason why you can't use it. AM and the other good providers are discreet and wont start calling you day and night to try and pimp girls out to you. As long as no-one you know is going to look at your phone and question who the calls are too, I can't think of a reason why it would be a problem. I use a rental phone only because my own phone doesn't work here.

AM will send girls to Yokohama according to their website. I guess it's just a case of asking to see if your preferred girl is available.

I can't remember seeing any reviews of Eri (Sayuri's friend). Sayuri has spoken to me about her and I would personally take a chance on seeing her since I trust Sayuri not to recommend someone who is a terrible provider. But I can't give any personal comment on Eri. The choice is yours really.

Lastly, with AM, here is a link to their website:

I would recommend calling them, not emailing them. I don't think they respond to emails as fast. Also, one personal tip, the guy who runs the site is a westerner and of course speaks very good English, but there is also at least one Japanese woman who takes calls as well (maybe more). I found that it was more difficult to arrange things with the women as they didn't always understand what I was asking. I find that if I call during the middle of the day or afternoon I have a better chance of getting the guy and it is much easier to be able to arrange things with him.

If you have any other questions, please ask.
Sorry, there is a typo in my post and I can't edit it. I meant to say, avoid asking personal questions like where they live for example.
Do you think its worth negotiating to meet up in Tokyo while getting into a love hotel or something since my hotel is in Yokohama and theres no way Sayuri will be going over there.

Tho I may be willing to go Kansai depending on how much it is but I dont know about that yet.

should I try emailing her VIA her site and TAG or just her site?

Thanks for the advice :D
To be honest, it probably doesn't matter whether it's Tokyo or Yokohama, either the distance will be the issue or not. Email her via her site, don't worry about messaging her on here too. She was quick to reply when I emailed her on her website. Besides, you've done the sensible thing and planned ahead. You have plenty of time to sort things out. I would suggest sending her an email and asking how she feels about travelling to Yokohama (you can suggest Tokyo if you want as well). See what she says. If not then you can make a decision if you really want to travel to Kansai to see her or if you'd rather just try an AM girl.

I'm guessing you probably have her website address, but if not, here's the link:
I sent her a email yesterday, but never really mentioned anything about Yokohama seeing as how its very unlikely for her to go there due tot he fact that shes mainly Kansai.

I don't know anything about Kansai and I'd have to get a hotel room there too, I don't know if I want to do that is that main problem. Of course if I can work something out with her it would be ideal.

Out of curiosity, if she replies, do I reply VIA her site again or just hit the reply button?

And about the rental phone, do places actually give phones out to people only staying like 5 days?

Thanks again JSG, you're pretty awesome.

EDIT: Damn she replies FAST!
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Kansai is the region of Japan where Osaka and Kyoto are. Don't take a train all the way out to Osaka just for Sayuri. I haven't seen her yet, and I'm sure she's amazing, but that's a ~2.5 hour Shinkansen trip each way just for a booty call. At the very least, make a long weekend out of it and go spend some time in Kyoto or see part of Osaka, too.

There's a number of places at the airport that will rent to people who are staying short term. I'd recommend arranging this before you get to Japan, as some of those places sell out. See for more info.
I got in contact with Sayuri, and she said she had some business in Yokohama on the weekend, So she would be there.

Lucky break!
Glad to hear that things worked out for you.

I'll second Meji's advice about the phones. I always organize a rental phone before I travel just in case they don't have one at Narita. Because if you can't get one there, then you are stuck. I once found out the hard way that they don't like selling phones to foreigners in Japan.
So even if I get everything done over the internet, I should probably still get a rental phone right?

But even now im kinda nervous and nothing is set up yet, Whats going on :O

But thanks for all the advice, I just don't wanna screw anything up with Sayuri but at the same time, I literally don't know what to do.

Even if you say treat her like any other girl, Ive only done it with one other.... okay I'll stop, now I'm just ranting.

Anyways, thanks JSG and Meiji, you guys are awesome!

EDIT: Damn i always forget things, which company of rental phone do you guys reccomend or which one is the cheapest.
Well, I personally find having a phone to be useful because sometimes it's easier to call escort services and sometimes if they want to call back I'm always available. But honestly there is no reason why you can't get away with just using the internet and making a call with your hotel room phone when you need to. It's a personal choice. I recommend a phone but others may disagree.

Don't worry about being nervous. I have seen a few escorts over the years now but I still got super nervous before seeing Sayuri this time. And it's good that you are worry. Usually the people who don't worry are the ones who make the biggest mistakes. Treat any girl you meet with respect, treat her normally and you'll be fine. These girls are probably used to nervous guys and believe me, the better ones like Sayuri are extremely good at putting us at ease. I went from nervous to relaxed with Sayuri in about 10 minutes. And it was all thanks to her. I'd imagine the only times there are problems are with guys being rude or disrespectful to them.

As for phones, I am not an expert. Honestly I just go with whats the most easy and that probably means that I'm not making a saving like I could be. I use Mobell, who organize everything online and deliver the phone to me before I go. I'm in the UK though, not sure what country you are in but it could be different for you.
Should I ask her about specifics or any limitations, I honestly don't know the rules and such, I read on the forums how to treat them, and what to do after, but like, I don't know the limitations or any specifics with an escort, and I've only been with one girl in my entire life, yes I'm young. Hope that doesn't affect anything
Generally speaking, normal stuff is fine. Remember that full sex (Always abbreviated as FS) is illegal to sell in Japan. Oral is OK but FS isn't. This is why no providers advertise that they offer FS and why the members of this forum have noted which providers basically guarantee FS. We can't ask before booking so if that's what we want, we need to make sure to go with a provider who pretty much guaranteed offers it.

In my opinion, Sayuri seems very good at meeting a persons needs. I'm not very assertive so she initiated things. And then, if you are OK with how things are going you can just go with the flow. If you decide to change positions or want to try something else, you can always ask. And always remember, if you ask something and she says no, do not push the issue or ask again. Remember that she is in control and she makes the final decisions.

Also, another last bit of advice. If when she arrives you are nervous or shy, just tell her. She wont make fun of you and it will help her to help you. I have admitted to several escorts that I was nervous. I've never been with girls as pretty as the ones I've been with in Japan so it kind of throws me off a little. But not one of them ever made fun of me.
Alright thanks JSG, For everything you've done for me, I appreciate it very much

Thanks and stay Awesome!

P.S Man do Japanese girls look pretty and cute.

EDIT: Once again I forgot something, What about the limitation of for example CIM and other stuff like that, sorry its kind of embarrassing asking this here.
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Also, is there proper attire in this or is it just whatever? I dont have another Edit button :/

And to make sure, Im sure I read Sayuri as FS, is she? On her site it says basic service, Im not all too sure what that is, Can someone clarify for me?
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I guess from an American perspective, I generally don't get into too many specifics before I meet the girl for the first time. I think it's perfectly acceptable if she doesn't say beforehand to ask while the BJ is happening if CIM is okay. One of the big reasons that I read reviews is I get a good idea of the types of services that are okay.

No real proper attire. You don't have to go anywhere near formal, but she's a woman -- looking nice will make her feel comfortable and sexy. Above all, be CLEAN. Freshly shaven and showered. And if she wants you to shower again, shower again. Especially if she joins you. Nothing kicks off a great session better than getting soaped up by a beautiful naked woman.
The reviews I read on her never said if she allowed them or not :/

If it's that important to you, you are far better off privately messaging the previous reviewers than announcing your need for it publicly or asking her about it before you meet. Especially considering that she specifically says on her site that inappropriate requests not getting a reply. Some women prefer a little discretion.
Right, Ill just wait for her reply int he email and then just ask her, I think its better for these answers to come out of her. That way there's no problems.
If it's that important to you, you are far better off privately messaging the previous reviewers than announcing your need for it publicly or asking her about it before you meet. Especially considering that she specifically says on her site that inappropriate requests not getting a reply. Some women prefer a little discretion.

Right, Ill just wait for her reply int he email and then just ask her, I think its better for these answers to come out of her. That way there's no problems.

That wasn't the solution I was proposing, but whatever you think is best...
I got in contact with Sayuri, and she said she had some business in Yokohama on the weekend, So she would be there.

Lucky break!

@RM: Thank you for your polite interest. :)

It seems like we may have had a misunderstanding, unfortunately. The company stuff I must deal with that weekend is *not* in Tokyo/Yokohama. Sorry if anything was unclear so message to follow.

But, I wanted to post here to clarify this since it has generated a good deal of mail: I do not expect anything will change. I will briefly go through Tokyo at beginning of that week and I will be in Kansai the end of the month! (T_T);

As it would be much appreciated, I would like to politely ask that my schedule remain kindly discreet from public posting, if possible. Thank you very much for understanding!! ^-^v