First trip to Tokyo this summer


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Mar 6, 2011
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Me and a friend of mine are going to be visiting Tokyo this summer.

Personally I am rather interested in trying out the japaneese escort service.

I've been looking into it and I've found Asianmystique , club boo and nasty dolls to be the most favourable.

Me and my friend will be sharing a hotell room.
I do not wish my friend to participate in any of this and if I was to get an escort I would make sure he was out doing something else for the duration of the visit.
But read somewhere on this board that some escort companies do not wish their girls to visit places that have more than 1 person living there.
Might this prove to be a issue?

On a side note, I have also looked into asian (relax?) I belive it was called as a massage parlor to visit.
Any reviews on it?

Most hotels that are legit will frown on that kind of thing in Japan. Girls have been treated badly in the past by customers and so I would not take a chance on your buddy coming back early. That could cause trouble for you and the rest of us because then they will start asking for more information. Some have even said it is okay to use fake names. Which was interesting to me. Just go to a LH.

Asian Relax is a rub and tug place. It is a common type massage parlor in Japan. You can find that kind of place in any country. It is really nothing special actually. Just that they let you in as a gaijin. This is not a legit massage parlor. Usually the kanji or katakana/hiragana will say that it is of ill-repute.