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AM First try with Aki of AM


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Jul 29, 2011
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Aki of AM is my first outcall experience in Tokyo, with one previous lack-luster experience in Kyoto. We started with 2 hours. She came to my hotel, and I had to go get her from the lobby. She was very friendly from the start, and we spent the first 30 minutes or so sitting together on the couch talking. This was my choice. To me, that's one of the things that makes out-call nice: I like to warm up, rather than stripping down and jumping right in with a stranger. Aki seemed a little nervous at times, but she seemed warm and genuinely interested.

Aki is very sweet, and while her English has gaps, she does try. I tried to speak a little Japanese as well, but her English is so much better than my Japanese. Still, she encouraged me, and we coached each other from time to time. By the time we moved to the shower, I was definitely warming to her.

The shower was a light wash, with almost no FP, although she did spend a little time warming me up with her hand. Her body is petite, but I think everything is perfect for her size. I wanted to kiss her right then, but I figured we should brush our teeth first. We got out of the shower, brushed, and headed for the bed.

She crawled onto the bed, and before she could lay down I scooted up next to her in a sitting position and lightly kissed her. Oh, my god - what a kiss! I have to say that I've never been kissed like that before. Aki's kisses are so sweet that I would be happy to do nothing but make out for hours with her. She's amazing!

We kissed for a long time, and then I headed down for a little daty. The hair seemed to be growing back a bit after having been recently shaved, so maybe she's aware of the review she got here last month. Whatever -- she was clean and fresh, and oh-so-soft. Nice.

I was working pretty hard at pleasing her, but I'm not sure how well I did. She seemed to be enjoying what I was doing, but she wasn't very aggressive about returning the favors, and I don't think she came, although I spent a lot of time trying both orally and manually. Maybe I'm just not that great at it.

Someone in a previous review said she's really shy in the sack, and I think I know what he means. Someone else said you gotta really lead her, and I wish I had read that review before, rather than after meeting her. That's exactly right. To see what happens when you don't, read on.

I wasn't watching the time, and being a one-shot for a number of years now, I wasn't in a hurry to pop. Next thing you know, the timer's going off, and the time is up, but we're not done. I count that against me (should have been watching the clock), but I count it against her, too. She shouldn't have let that happen.

I paid for another hour. After another 50 minutes of those amazing kisses and more daty and manual work, the 10-minute timer went off. Unfortunately, I'm not good under pressure like that, so I asked her to extend again. I know it's a lot of money, but she is so sweet! Unfortunately, while I had exactly 13000 for another hour, because it
was after midnight, she asked for 3000 for cab fare. I didn't have it, and she headed for the shower.

Yup, you read that right: no 3K, no finish. I know it's business, and that if AM girls cut deals for people, the word will get out and that's bad for business, but it still broke my heart. Watching her dress and walk out was really difficult.

I would love a repeat with Aki, but I learned some hard lessons. If the opportunity arises, I will pay the 65K up front, get the 5 hour deal and I will watch the clock carefully. She's a great GFE, but like a real GF, it's not going to be perfect. Gotta work at it.
Ask for Lili next time. She is soooo much better than Aki.
Time flies when you're having fun...

Personally, I'd count that against her. She shouldn't have let that happen. I do to realize business is business, but that would just leave bad taste in my mouth. Other than that issue, thanks for the report and I'm glad that everything else went okay.

For the pleasing her part... with the exception of the 'squirters' it's hard to tell if they are acting or actually enjoying. Just with any relationship, I think a lot of girls fake it. I've only knew a few girls where I could tell for an absolute fact that they were getting off. YMMV I guess... Technique is important but again it's different for everybody.

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