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    I'm planning a trip to Japan shortly for holiday and pleasure and wondered if anyone could advise me on best hotels and advertising for escorts

    Hotels must be central and non keycard in lifts and corridors etc

    Any other info on obtaining sim cards for phones and also wifi sims for iPads ect would be much appreciated

    Also what to do /see I love the outdoors beaches and scuba diving so anything that you all think is a must do cant miss would be great

    Love ParisB
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    Advertising for escorts: We allow one thread here in the classifieds section, which it seems you've already done. Otherwise, I recommend putting up some information on the Girls Directory for Japan. (

    Hotels: What price point are you looking for? Some of the larger chain hotels don't require room keys for access to the elevators, some do. The smaller business hotels are the same but the front desk staff tend to watch the elevator traffic fairly closely. Bigger hotels such as the Park Hyatt (Shinjuku), Grand Hyatt (Roppongi), ANA Intercontinental (Tameike-sanno) all have elevators that are easily accessible.

    If you are arriving at Narita Airport, there are a bunch of vendors just out side the arrivals exit that provide Pocket Wifi devices, SIM cards and rental cell phones. Their services are fairly easy to figure out. A word of caution: We highly recommend that you choose one of those services at the airport, once you are out of the airport and in the city, similar services are very hard to come by.

    You'll have to travel outside of Tokyo to see the 'outdoors'. I recommend searching some of the Japan tourist sites to get more information on activities you may be interested in. If you're interested in history and see a combination of outdoors things and old Japan, then you should head to Kyoto or Nikko.

    Good luck on your trip to Japan.
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