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Rocket Wife (SL) Fun at Rocket Wife with Nanami


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May 12, 2024
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Fun at Rocket Wife with Nanami

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Rocket Wife

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Appointment Length & Costs:
100min - 29k ¥

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Date of Encounter:
May 2024

Incall Soapland Provided Room

Language Notes:
English/Japanese Mix

Narrative of the Encounter:

I felt very inspired by requiemmorrow's review style, especially the one he made recently for Idol Kenkyuusei. As such, I hope you enjoy the following as well.

I arrived in Tokyo and got a hotel close to Yoshiwara, who would have thought that the hostels near the huge red light district just happen to be super cheap? My P4P experience so far was limited to a blowjob bar in Thailand, a visit to Tobita Shinchi in Osaka and a visit to Kyoto N-cats in Kyoto. I'm quite tired so decide to stay in the hostel and do some research for the day after. I have arrived in Soapland-land, and where do I go to pop my soap cherry? Frankly I probably looked exactly like this:


(Disclaimer: not actually me)

So I really want to try a soapland, especially some premium mat play, but don't know if its for me, so not looking to spend huge dollars. In the budget category TAG loves Y-shirts and Idol Kenkyusei, but I'm not neccesarily a fan of the girls on the roster for the day and from reading the reviews I'm probably not guaranteed mat play, and if I get mat play it's probably hit and miss on how good it is. So how do I get good mat play, but without paying the premium? Scrolling through the forums I hit on a review claiming to have gotten fantastic mat play from Rocket Wife, and it's cheap as fuck. I look it up. They are stated to be girls from 30-40, but reviews claim 40-55. I get it, these older ladies have been in the game for a while, they know what they are doing, but am I ready to fuck someone that is my mom's age? I check the website, and even though I'm aware that the pictures might as well be potatoes for how accurate they probably are…


What Rocket Wife might as well have used for their attendance list
(Disclaimer: none of these are actually Rocket Wife service providers and any resemblance is entirely coincidental and possibly intended)

…I think to myself, not bad… I actually like more girls on the roster here than on YS and IK. And I HAVE always wanted a big tittied onee-san to "ara ara" me, and preferably akeno from Highschool DxD


"Ara Ara~~"

sigh if I want someone like that I'm probably gonna have to pay triple price. Also, If I'm gonna fuck someone my moms age, now is probably gonna be a more comfortable time to cross that off the list compared to in 10 or 20 years time. So I go to bed, wake up, re-evaluate my life choices and consider how I ended up at a cheap hostel in Yoshiwara.

Conclusion: probably started with my hentai addiction.
Trivia: I can see when I added my first hentai to my collection because the site has date marks, and I calculate my age to 11 years. And I probably had been lurking there for a while before deciding I NEEDED to start collecting all the gold nuggets for posterity and organizing. My friends, that is A LOT of hentai for a young and impressionable boy

Anyways, go to the convenience store for cash and some breakfast and follow google maps. I walk across from rocket wife and 3 guys are standing in there, I wonder if there's like two customers or what? And one of them waves me in. Turns out they are all employees. I can't really remember what they looked like, quite average, and I didn't really care what they were saying either, I already knew why i was there and what the price would be. I think remember them as looking something like this:

"Gibberish minion language"

It doesn't really matter what they are saying, and they probably didn't care what I was saying, but they probably saw and heard something like this:


One Minion shows me a card, Nanami, she's the only one woman available for filthy Gaijins right now, and she was one of the women I thought might be good. I do inquire about Erika because I thought she seemed hot and apparently ex JAV, but "only for japanese" which is the only actual sentence i remember from that conversation. I choose 100min for 28k, but he asks me to pay 29k. I'm like what? He mumbles something, but again, I still don't understand minion language. It's not like I exactly had a choice of women here, so I don't see why he would collect what I assume to be a nomination fee. But frankly, I'm ready for some real life hentai and don't give a shit about 1k yen right now. I give them a name and a nationality and one of the minions escorts me to another building which still has the Rocket Wife sign (near Hotel Hikari if anyone cares to anger them by trying to enter that building instead) and i get escorted to the waiting room. As I'm still kinda nervous about this whole thing I use the toilet twice during my 20min wait and clip my nails down to nothing. I also check their website and notice that they already crossed Nanami as being unavailable until after our scheduled playtime (I was wondering how accurate that info was for all the shops). I'm called in and meet Nanami, and she's actually alright, considering I was expecting a potato. She's got a fine body, and she's probably not 50, maybe 40. So seems like i lucked out by being with something more like an older cousin or young aunt and less like my grandma (or a potato). Guess I'll have to cross out MILF on the bucket list another day.

Note: my communication with the Minions were in english, my communication with Nanami is 99% japanese. I've self-studied japanese for a bit in High School and watched more than 10 000 hours of subbed anime since then. Meaning I have most of the vocabulary and grammatical structure, but just never really had a chance to practice the language and hear it spoken by real people. However having been here for a week now, I can do basic conversation. And something about being naked and being put in a situation where I truly and desperately need to communicate properly in order to eventually blow my load... kinda removes the barriers between people you know?

We get into the room and i'm asked to take off my shoes and sit on the bed. I introduce myself formally, hand her my box of XL White Chocolate condoms, telling her it's nice to meet her and that I'll be in her care because this is my first time at a Soapland. As for the room, judging from descriptions of other Soaplands on TAG it's actually average quality. For the price I might have expected something shitty, but there's a proper AC, the lights can be controlled with a light switch, no leaks or mold or anything. Just the basics. A bed, a huge pile of towels, a couple cupboards for condoms and soap and so forth, the sukebe chair, the mat, the play area and an already filled bath-tub.

She instructs me to put my clothes in the basket, asks is if i want some pink parfume powder girly stuff in the bathtub (yes) and directs me to the pervert chair. Compared to what some reviewers have experienced here, nothing of note happens, she uses her hands for a normal gentle wash. What I haven't seen described, or maybe i just didn't understand, is that instead of just washing with soap she actually combines soap and lotion in a bucket and uses that for the washing. Makes sense in hindsight with some people saying that they got washed with boobs and stuff, soap by itself isn't that great a lubricant after all. After rinsing it off she directs me to the bath tub while packing away the sukebe chair. There hasn't really been any good opportunity for touching her or kissing her or anything like that so far and nothing truly erotic, and she hasn't initiated anything either. I'm quite busy just processing everything so far though, so I don't really think too much about it and just try to take everything in. I can't remember if she joined me in the bath tub briefly, but she asked me if I wanted to try the mat? (or maybe something else, like if I even knew what a mat was). I didn't quite have the eloquence to tell her that this was in fact the only reason I came to this particular shop, so I merely assented enthusiastically "Tameshitemitai". I watched her prepare it and a small but brilliant detail i noticed is that the tub of lotion/gel is submerged into a tub of hot water to keep it at a comfortable temperature. I also noticed that I heard the hot water from the shower head was running for the entire duration of the mat play at least, can't remember if it was also while doing bed play, don't know if that's neccessary to keep some hydration on the mat? Well, there was definitely alot of bathing going on anyhow, I don't think I've ever been so clean and been cleaned so many time before, during and after sexy time. Anyways, finally, I am directed to lie face down on the mat. Nothing really sexy has happened yet, so I'm still in normal relaxed intellectual mode, but FINALLY the real deal begins, THIS IS WHAT I CAME FOR, and hopefully it's also gonna make me cum!? If anyone could have seen my face and read my thoughts while I was lying face down on that mat it would have seemed exactly like the following

She lathers up my body and gets to work, and frankly, I love it. I'd say it seems average or above average compared to some of the more detailed mat play reviews on TAG but not super advanced like Onepiece that reported a "technical fighting dicklock" on his visit to Y-shirts. She slides her body all over me and switches between playing with my nipples (contrary to alot of other guys here, I've always been a fan), touches my ass (huge fan) and plays a bit with my dick (also a fan). I think I really enjoy the GFE things and all of this body contact really gets me going, even if there hasn't been a lot of kissing or anything. She's also quite good at tugging on my loveknob while I lay down and really teases the tip a lot, it's actually too sensitive for me, but I roll with it and eventually achieve approximately the same hardness as a freshly cut diamond. She makes me flip over at some point and plays more with my nipples and penis. Frankly she has me panting and begging her to slow down a bit and I can't remember when a girl last got me that worked up, or if any girl ever did, though I've only really banged girls between 18-24, so maybe I've just been missing out on what a mature woman has to offer. In any case, I'm super into this whole mat play thing and horny as fuck. In between my moaning and grunts (I've gone from Nerd to Caveman in 5min) I tell her she's beautiful, that I wasn't even sure about this whole soapland and mat play thing but goddamn I'm having fun and I'm super happy to be here. It seems to be moving towards sex, and I'm getting to touch her a bit more now that I'm on my back but I'm going a bit soft here for some reason (don't know why, mind was mostly blank, but maybe a bit nervous still going in for the real deal) but we get him back at attention in a few minutes of her hands all over me, some nipple play and my hands and i ask for a bit of kissing but she only wants light pecks and I'm not really into kissing someone that doesn't want to kiss back, anyways, she caps HentaiSensei Junior and puts him in cowgirl and frankly there's not much I can do except hold on to her or the sides of the mat because every time i shift my weight on the mat I feel like I'm about to slip off. Despite being quite petite (website states 157cm) she actually manages to take the entire 20cm (that's just below 8" in freedom units by the way) without too much effort, but still a tight fit. My mind is a bit fuzzy on the details here but a bit cowgirl, I believe she manages to actually do some squat cowgirl as well though I'm unsure how that would be physically possible on the mat, she asks to change and comes down for some sex in spooning. While the mat play and her hands were great I find it extremely difficult to move and feel like I'm falling off the edge of a boat or something, so ask her to move it to the bed. She rinses the worst off me and I sit in the tub for a little bit while she clears the play area, then she washes the rest of the gel off me on the pervert chair and gives me a towel. After she comes to join me on the bed she offers me a cold tea. Which was quite considerate of her, and I was actually just thinking about how thirsty I was and I tell her as much and thank her. She informs me that apparently I can have one more tea later. So I drink my first tea and we chat a little, I believe she asks my age and i ask her too, she said she is 30 (like it says on the web-page). As mentioned earlier my first instinct was 40, but who knows, I don't have a lot of experience guessing Soap ages or asian ages and when they write 30 on their website i just assume it could be anywhere between 35 and 60. I finish my tea and we get down on the bed where we eventually get me going again, with a bit of BBBJ in there as well my gents. We cap me and I can't really remember the positions used but she does ask for missionary and I'm about to go for it because I'm a nice guy (yes I know she probably doesn't give a fuck) but for some reason I've always hated missionary it's difficult for me to get into and difficult for me to move, and when she doesn't want to kiss either I don't see the appeal, so i tell her its a bit difficult. We cycle through some spoon-fuckery and end with her on top in cowgirl. Either she senses I'm not about to pop in her or the size gets too much but she gets off at some point without saying anything and finishes me off with a handy, I didn't mind at all as the sex was kinda mediocre, but I had a ton of fun overall and was very relaxed and hadn't masturbated for a while (not even after N-Cats a few days prior where I didn't come either, so my balls were a particular shade of unhealthy ultra dark blue) so I have a very good orgasm and enjoy being able to lay back on the bed while she removes the condom takes care of a bit of cleaning about my guy and offers me my other can of cold tea. Brilliant. We lie down back in bed chat for a bit about how i got here, if i live here, my favourite anime etc. I inform her that I only plan 2 days ahead of time, 4 days at maximum and if she could point me to something worth seeing in Tokyo after this? She gives me a recommendation for Asakusa / Senso-ji which I check out later that day, thanks Nanami for educating this filthy Gaijin. She then washes me down one final time and I wait in the bathtub while she showers herself, then I also shower myself because she was too gentle with me. The clock rings for the 10 minutes while I'm drying myself off and things are nice and un-rushed, I do note to myself I'll probably be fine with 80 and 90 minutes as well for something similar next time, especially now that I know the procedure. I get out, say my goodbyes to her and re-iterate that I had fun and thank her for teaching me about the soaplands and mat play and letting me practice my japanese with her which is now about twice as good as before entering the Soapland because these were my first real conversations as well as situations where communication was important (Most japanese people on my trip so far just give up when they realize my sentences are half-formed and refuse to speak with me or engage me only in English, though it gets progressively better)

Anyways I equip my shoes, say goodbye to the girl manning the front door, go out, pull out my google maps and probably look something like this:

Review Independence: Was this review requested by the Soapland?:
No, this review was written without a request from the Soapland or their provider.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, Will not Repeat.

Closing Comments:
You want some average to above average super cheap mat play followed by FS and as much cold green tea as you could feasibly drink in 100 minutes? You've found your spot.

You need your women to be below 40, offer GFE consistently or be very beautiful? Stay away.

I think I've got what I came for and now that I know I like the mat play I'm probably gonna be shelling out at some of the more expensive establishments for more skilled and younger clientele, though I might just drop by for some of the cheapest soap in the area if the stars align and make absolutely sure that I cross off MILF (or GILF) on the bucket list this time.
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I also noticed that I heard the hot water from the shower head was running for the entire duration of the mat play at least, can't remember if it was also while doing bed play, don't know if that's neccessary to keep some hydration on the mat?
It’s to keep the temperature in the room warm. Mat can get chilly. Doesn’t happen during bed play.
Great review, I had good laughs. Please keep exploring and writing reviews, you have good touch of humour mixed in your writings 👌
Thanks! There’s one or two more released with this batch and there’ll be a couple more for the next you can look forward to that

It’s to keep the temperature in the room warm. Mat can get chilly. Doesn’t happen during bed play.
Ahhh i see, i didn’t realize, thanks!
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