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Aug 23, 2009
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Hi All...

Lately, I have been having some internal struggles while trying to determine if I should continue development on this site with the current platform. I have continuously put off deep development because of the changes happening in almost all of the major vendors.

We are currently using vBulletin for everything and I have been waiting for the next series of vBulletin to become more stable. There have been some problems in that sector and now we have IPS up with v3.1.1, WordPress just let 3.0 into the wild and Joomla 1.6 is getting close.

Some of you have been doing behind-the-scenes work on our VB4 test site and I know we've spent a lot of time on it. With this site at 75% completion of its first year operation, we don't have much to show for it. I have opted not to advertise or spend any more funds on promoting the forum/website until it was at a point that I thought it would be worthy to do so.

I'd like to hear thoughts from the staff or anyone as to which direction we should proceed now that July is coming upon us.

Hi Eliah,

I signed on because of my experience with the current platform. So, I'd say we should stay on the current path and just be patient with things. The Tokyo/Japan foreigner market is slow right now anyway, so I don't see a need to be in any rush. I think the work we've done on the test site will carry over fine here, once the base platform is released with a touch more stability. :)

I'm anxious to get more people posting here too, but I can wait until the site is more on a level playing field.

So, that is my 2 yen!

Hi there.

I'm new here, however I just wanted to say THANK YOU for putting this site up and I wish the owners the best of luck! I bumped into your site through google while searching for some information shops in Tokyo.

I'm curious to see what your final product will look like! I do like the fact that you guy don't have ads all over the place!!!
Karen - thanks for your reply. To answer your question from the admin forum, I just wanted to put some feelers out to other people outside of our admin group to see if any ideas get flushed out of the brush.

TKO65, you're welcome. Most of our visits come from organic Google searches. We haven't paid a dime in advertising costs, yet. We are doing our best to refrain from using advertising, but that will all depend on the future financial model of this site.

From a regular member's perspective, I think you are on the right track and like anything worthwhile, it will just take some time to build and gain in popularity. Don't change how the site functions too much, people will get settled in and are comfortable with the layout and function. Changing anything major mid-stream won't go over too well unless you introduce new things at a slow pace. I know there's not many regular posters here now, but just keep that in mind when you make plans to change anything.

I already like this spot much better than Gaijin Pot. Keep those trolls out and we'll be fine.
I already like this spot much better than Gaijin Pot. Keep those trolls out and we'll be fine.

You mean retard central? With the exception of a small number of people, that place has gone to the crapper over the last two years.
TKO, let us be fair now. GP's target audience and our target audience are somewhat different. I'm sure that some of their users browse over here, generally speaking however, their content is more tame since they are at the mercy of their advertising yen.

While I can appreciate your comments, let's not sling mud. Ok?

Wow TKO, tell us how you *really* feel!? Nothing filtered about those comments, haha!
You mean retard central? With the exception of a small number of people, that place has gone to the crapper over the last two years.

The Dr. Pepper [that was] in my mouth met my recently cleaned LCD monitor. THANKS! :rolleyes:

I feel like I need to take TP when I visit GP now. :p
Where's that derailed picture when you need it?
Where's that derailed picture when you need it?

Did someone say derail?

There's another Japan based forum/website that's gone into the crapper as well. The guy that runs that site has an anus so tight, he could process coal. :p:D

What we need here is a few good writers and people to actually contribute on top of what we as staff already do. :p

Some of use are more lazy than others. *cough*Karen*cough*

Well - no matter, it takes time to build greatness. :D
So.. bumping an old thread for the sake of what the new year will bring!

Anyone want to talk about what our future plans are for the upcoming year?

I know we have had a number of things sitting on the burner. I'm just wondering what we'll get out the door for Q1?

Anyone want to TALK? >.> :D

Hiya Karen! Post whoring it up today I see.

I'm sure the new year will bring some new stuff for us, you know we have all been busy with work and other commitments.

Either way, I'm sure we'll get some new stuff out. ;)
Nothing is concrete yet. You all have already seen some of the stuff I have been working on during my off hours. The most likely things to happen in 2011:

- New Front End
- New Colors/Design/Layout
- Reorg. of the overall forum
- Core system upgrade

I won't say more than that since there is still a lot of work to be done and content yet to be generated. There is another guy bugging me about a more 'generalized' Japan site. We have covered this ground before, there are just not enough forum savvy English speakers in Japan anymore. People have either gone back to the west or made off to China/Korea and the like.

Thank you all for the work you have put in this year.

You're welcome Eliah.

We should move forward soon, been waiting too long to get some of these things done. Almost a full year now on a few things. :p No pressure of course.