Gaikokujin Friendly Establishments


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Feb 1, 2013
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Hello all,

I've been a long time lurker but I have finally decided to post something.

As you all probably know, on many delivery health or other fuzoku places's websites, there is a section on at the bottom of either the home page or system page that lists the type of people who the store will not accept.

Most of these places will list foreigner as one of the types of people they do not accept if they do not accept foreigners. Clear as day.

My question is: in your experience, if foreigner is not listed in this section will the store normally accept foreigners? Or does it really depend on the place?
I would say it depends on several factors- not just the place, but also your level of Japanese, and on the individual girl. I've found that a lot of doors open if you speak enough Japanese to be polite, etc. They still may charge you a gaijin tax, but at least service is available.

To find out if a place/girl is foreigner friendly, I usually find a contact email or Twitter account, and ask them (in Japanese of course). I get a pretty good answer rate even from places that don't allow foreigners.

If you don't speak much Japanese, I would assume that a deriheru or any other sex service place is automatically NOT available to you unless there's intel on this site or elsewhere, or they have an English language website.