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Aug 23, 2009
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I'm posting this here so that everyone can read about what transpired with with the registered owner of the agency "Geisha Eyes". All information contained within this document is public information where there is no expectation of privacy. Only one piece of information has been redacted which is believed to be a person name that we do not have explicit permission to share.

We are very displeased with the actions of the Geisha Eyes agency and we feel extreme pity for the girls that are working under this agency. I can only imagine how he treats others that have any one word against him.

I'd also like to point out we had another contact here at TAG that added more validity to our findings. Thank you for coming forward, you know who you are.

So, let's begin!

It all started with three accounts that were registered, days apart but with the same exact electronic footprints. (Three metrics that we use to detect and block multiple registrations). Once the third account was registered, it was then 100% clear what was happening.

The three accounts in question where:

ShinChoi - Registered 8/26/12
MNEWMANEE - Registered 8/24/12
GEISHAEYES - Registered 9/5/12

After we detected and confirmed the situation, the following email was sent to the owner of the GEISHAEYES account.


Once he new that he was outed, he went into a rage. Please have a look at the PDF at this link below for a complete record of the emails exchanged. After the last email recorded in this file, we have not heard a single word from this fellow. (secured, scanned... please scan on your own for your safety)

We cross-verified the person we were talking with as the registered owner of the website.


(Publicly available via any WHOIS inquiry)

I hope this drama is a good read for one of you today. It feels really good to expose these people. I'm sure we may have missed something in the past, so we will continue to try and keep a close eye on these things.

Have a good weekend everyone! Thank you for visiting the Tokyo Adult Guide!
Could you go back and edit my English? :D

This thread deserves ponies...


Back to work. :|
Still up and running. Who would have thought...Thanks for dealing with those guys so the rest of us won't have to!
Still up and running. Who would have thought...Thanks for dealing with those guys so the rest of us won't have to!

You're welcome.

Now that I have a few minutes, time to add a few more notes!

- While this person claimed they would bring down TAG, hack it and even claimed to have an exploit for our software, nothing happened to that effect, period.

Kiddie Hacker Email said:
Loading vBulletin 3.8.7 Exploit..........

How'd that work out for you bro?

- The individual attempted to register additional ID's but we caught his electronic signatures and we blocked his IP addresses for each he tried to use. That was his grand plan? Really? I was disappointed.

- We will remove the locks on those IP's since they belong to large providers (OCN/NTT & NTT DoCoMo) There was one additional IP detected from a virtual server somewhere, but we'll leave that one blocked.

- I was hoping to see some hate mail from him again, but I think he knows it will be pointless.

That's all folks! For now! :D

On Edit: AM hasn't replied to those mails we copied them on. They don't have to, but I hope they were paying attention to what we sent them.
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Wow Pierre sound like a right Cunt - thanks for standing your ground TAG; it's very refreshing to have a service such as yours we can all rely on.

Don't let the bastards grind you down!
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My contribution to this dummy spit will be to patronise AM, time to start thinking about which girl gets the pleasure of my company ... (笑)
I am surprised how bad the English of this GeishaEyes guy is...anyways amazing how much time and hate one person can have....probably business is not going well, otherwise he would not have time for that crap.

We will always support this site...he can do nothing ;)
This is the last piece of information that we will post on this subject. We've done what needed to be done and it's over.

This last bit has to do with how we picked up this problem to begin with. Two basic metrics involved will be shown while the third will not be.

First off:
Screenshot of matching IP addresses for the three users in question.

The raw logs from the web server showing the matching user agents and IP addresses. It's very rare to get the same repeating IP addresses and identical user agents for more than one person, unless people in that location are sharing the same PC. In the case of TAG, we see this often when users log in from a shared hotel PC (business centers, etc). However, we can easily identify that it's a hotel location and it's a shared PC. In this case, the connections being used were private/residential connections.

[see attachment]

We hope this settles any lingering questions if our investigation was correct.

This thread is now closed and we're moving on. Further inquiries may be made in the Feedback forum thread.


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