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    i searched in the forum about this (Tokyo Roses) but
    i could not find any information (sorry if there are already a thread).

    From this list i already know Mika (there are a few reviews in the forum).
    I tried last weekend Kaori. Well, she cant speak english at all.
    The sex is quite normal: not amazing and not bad.

    The good points are mainly 3:
    1) She will not rush you with the time.
    2) She has huge natural tits.
    3) The BBJ:
    Because she ate some mint sweets right before to start the BBJ: the fresh
    of the sweets from her mouth is pass to your dick: something interesting to try.

    When we finished our session, i was sorprised with something: she needed too many
    paper to spit salive; i dont know if she was ill that day, or just she feel not good after
    having sex, o dont know... but she used more than 12 papers to spit salive.
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    I was given the website address by Mika (although I never met her yet), and she told me that Yuuka and Kotone speak English. Mika goes under the name 'Madame Waka', and also speaks English very well. They all look very nice. I would love more information from people who have experience with this agency.

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