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Girls On Backpage, Any Review?


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Dec 7, 2010
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Hi everyone!

In my long quest for big titted girls (I know, I know, wrong country!), I stumbled on backpage. Most of the ads there are for seemingly attractive eastern European women. However, the pics all look fake, and the descriptions look like crafted baits (mentions about bbbjs, free swallowing, etc...).

I took one for the team and tried one, which was good looking, but not at ALL what it was supposed to be. She was a flat chested 20-something model, and I was feeling so weird I didn't even take the time to write a review.

So I'm coming to you guys asking for feedback and even recommendations if some of those girls are worth it.


I occasionally check out Craigslist and Backpage here in Japan, but I think for hobbying I follow the same rule that I think everyone should follow -- don't blindly contact a P4P ad -- and I would say especially for CL and Backpage. I know groups like AM occasionally put up an ad on Backpage or whatever, and that's fine.

My point is that if you don't do your research, there's a much better than average chance that you'll get screwed in some way. I think it's less likely that you'll be put in danger or even get robbed here in Japan, but bait and switches are pretty likely. It would be great if there was a foreigner friendly agency that got involved on the board here in a sane way (hint, hint), but until then I really wouldn't trust many places other than Asian Mystique or maybe Hipness, both of whom occasionally have non-Asian women.
Hi everyone!
She was a flat chested 20-something model,

Some of us like that!

I just looked at Backpage for the first time, amazing, I'd be amazed if there is even one real photo there, except perhaps a Japanese lady in B&W and "Lira Angel" who has been suggested is a TS.
Some of us like that!

Right, of course! I wasn't trying to be disrespectful there, hope I didn't irritate you, fellow.

I guess I will indeed have to stick to the usual suspects or wait, until someone recommends something that suits my voluptuous taste better. :)

Thanks anyways.