going to tokyo soon, first timer with escorts


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Mar 1, 2012
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hi there all,

going a week to tokyo, staying at one of the top hotels, would realy try escorts for first time (fs though). little nervous, but far from home.

any recommendations? like nasty doll website. are the girls/pics real?

thanks, for any help and advice.
We reccomend sticking with these known agencues & providers:

Asian Mystique
Nasty Dolls
Tokyo Melty Kiss (Manami)
Club Boo

What you see, is what you get. Granted, some of the pictures could be a few months old and there may be a different hair style or fashion. However, the girl pictured is who shows up.

The rest comes down to your taste & likes.
ok, some of my own research:
escortchics, all pictures I checked seem to be fakes.
tokyo-escorts, they admin having some fake pictures to pretect identidities of some models, because of......., others seem to be real, even with some research.

More input and comments please?
Those sites you posted in post #3 above - I probably can say for a fact that you would probably never get the girl that is pictured, because as you mentioned, they are fake or using other model's pictures.

They will send you whomever they have available and you may or not be satisfied with who shows up.

IMHO - stick with the sites where you can find reviews posted in more than one place. Do a search and see what you come up with.
Thnaks much for the advice.
I read many posts in this forum, but would like to ask if anyone has experiences with any of these 2 services:





If you click around those sites, you'll notice in some cases they use different pictures of girls even in the same galleries. Example, Asian girl is shown on the top and then in the gallery, another race is shown.

You can match some pictures with those listed in the Girls Directory as well as other model websites.

Again, as Kias mentioned, stick with places that have reviews frequently posted. These sites with fabulous photos, most likely a scam or bait and switch.