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Going To Try Out Independent Kyoko


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Oct 26, 2013
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Hi guys,

This is my first post, but would just like to tell you that after seeing another post for independent Kyoko, I could not resist setting up an appointment.

Going by her pictures alone, which I will admit seem to be more for a soapland girl than and independent, she looks to be a stunning gal.

Our appointment is for the 8th, so I will let you know how it goes.

One thing I find strange is that, she says she does not speak English, but is a having a "friend" help her write her e-mail replys in English.

Wish me luck.
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Hey guys,

Just an update on Kyoko. We have agreed on a 2 hour 40,000 GFE, so I am getting a great discount compared to her posted rates. Did not even have to ask for one.

We have even exchanged cell phone numbers to make sure that things go smoothly on the 8th.

Hope she turns out to be just a beautiful as her pictures seem.
Hey guys,
Just an update on Kyoko. We have agreed on a 2 hour 40,000 GFE, so I am getting a great discount compared to her posted rates. Did not even have to ask for one.

I didn't know you can agree on a girlfriend experience in advance, but good for you. Keep up updated.
Another update, guys, as I am sure many of you want to know how my experience goes with Kyoko.

She called me at my apartment that other day just to say hi and check me out to see if I seem like a sane resonable guy who will not be a no show. She is definetly a Japanese only gal in the conversation department, and was extremelly relieved that I could speak to her fluently in Japanese. We are sending each other c-mails almost daily now in Japanese to keep up the chit chat before we do the nasty.

Her voice is that of a woman in her 40s, so I think she is exaggerating a bit on her profile regarding her age. I dont mind though, I always found older women to be the most understanding and passionate in bed.
Hopefully he's still sleeping it off. Though hopefully not in a police cell! You never know with independents. dot dot dot
Hopefully he's still sleeping it off. Though hopefully not in a police cell! You never know with independents. dot dot dot

Better police cell than hospital. Maybe she was so hot, she gave him a heart attack?
So, we can write off ever getting any feedback from Ranba, who hasn't posted anything since October 29 and didn't respond to my PM. Poor guy.
Maybe she swallowed him whole !

Wasn´t there a movie about her?

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Hi Guys,

It me , a.k.a Ranba. Sorry for the very late review post, but this experiece with Kyoko was very bad and my PC broke down and what not.
I apologize for being late, but here is the review I promised.

Girl: Kyoko
Agency: Independent
Price: 2 hour GFE 40,000
Place: Business hotel that I had a previous reservation with
Level of Service: BBFS but no AN or CIM

English: Japanese only
Face: 1 out of 5 (Women in her late 40s who was probably cute in her youth, smoker mouth)
Body: 2 out of 5 (Slim with little extra meat, but her breats are saggy)
Technique: 3 out of 5 (Good HJ and BBBJ skills, but little else)
Grade: 1 out of 5
Recommendation: No

Set-up: I emailed Kyoko to set up an appointment and her response was good. We agreed on a 2 hour GFE and she gave me a call back the day before. Thinking back, her voice on the phone was that of a very very mature women, so it was a sign of things to come.

The Encounter: On the day of the deed, I checked into my hotel room and showered. Our appointment was for 8PM but she called me on my cell phone at 7PM and asked to start early for some reason. I said OK and I met her outside of the hotel to walk her into my room. She seemed nervous about meeting me but my level of Japanese put her at immediate ease.

We entered the room where I paid her and she said let's take a shower. She removed all of her clothes and I was immediately dissapointed as it was apparent she had lost all hints of youth. Her breasts were sagging with little firmness, but the nipples were a nice size with light complexion. No ass to speak of, but she was relatively slim and completely shaven down under. It was also apparent that she had a kid and was probably married.

During the shower she washed my nether regions and let me rub her body all over. She used to the soap to give a pretty good hand job with some added grinding. After drying off she went back into the shower to rub her pussy with disinfectant. We then laid on the bed where she asked me what I liked. I said I liked the woman to take charge, and she immediately jumped on me to lick my nipples and give me another hand job. She then moved to give me a BBBJ which got me hard. From her HJ and BBBJ skills alone, I would say she was an experieced sex industry worker.

I let her BBBJ me for 5 minutes after which I layed her down and ate her shaved pussy, which was clean and had no strong taste. Her response to me was lukewarm at best, and this was another sign of things to come. After eating and fingering her for a while, she BBBJ me again to get me hard. Now was the time for penetration, which she offered to do BB but I put on a condom anyway because my organ sometimes gets irritated when its not covered up.

We went MS, CG, DG, then back to MS. Her pussy felt decent and warm, but now matter how hard I tried to get a response, she was very passive during intercourse. I should mention here that she is also unresponsive to dirty talking, but will try and reply with a compliment once in a while. After realizing that I wasn't going to cum with someone like this, I asked for her to do a hard CG to finish me off. I will say that she did her best with the hip grinding, but I just lost my erection so we stopped.

After removing the condom I asked for more BBBJ and was close to cumming several times, but with no passion in the sex, it wasnt going to happen. In the end, I just put my underwear back on and we chatted/rubbed each other until time was up. I walked her to the lobby and that was it.

All in all, I would not recommend Kyoko due to her age and lack of passion, but if that's your thing, best of luck.

As I have already posted elsewhere, I will be trying RISA of ND next time and am really looking forward to it.

Sorry again for the late post.