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Gotanda Dio Pink Salon

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Dec 30, 2013
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So I came here last night and for some reason, tenchou kept saying that there were only 2 girls switching and stuff, and he asks for 7000 for 30 minutes, that's not the rate at all, what's up with that?

I understand bits and pieces of Japanese, but I don't understand Dio's menu at all.
I was quoted the same price a while back. I think that is the price at certain times of day. I have never gone in but I think that is the price at DIO or maybe one of the prices depending on what time you go there.
Other times of day may be cheaper, not sure. I speak Japanese fluently. If you don`t it might be difficult to understand what they tout is trying to get across to you.
Y7000 it's a gaijin tax but it's a 50min course with 2 girls (at dio with 2 grandmom).
it's a 25min / 25min so you can play 2 times.

if you choose the girl there is a tax fee of Y1000 for each girl
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