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Dec 8, 2010
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Hello fellow patrons!

I'm a hafu who just moved to Tokyo from the states, and while searching for things to do, I stumbled across this site. I've been to Tokyo many times before, but finally getting to experience the night life here. I must say, damn I am having fun.

I was wondering if anyone knows any others who are hafu, and what their experience is while living in Japan. I know I'm not viewed as Japanese, even though I have a passport, but are they treated as strictly Gaijin? I don't look very Japanese, but there is a tinge there. I would particularly like to know about some of the "adult" establishments, cause the ones for foreigners don't seem nearly as good. My Japanese is basic-conversational, but accent is dead on.

Other than that just thought I would join an interesting group who tells it like it is.



Welcome to the site and thanks for joining. We welcome all viewpoints, so please share your experiences with us.

As for your current situation, I think the general key in this country is to look mostly Asian and speak decent Japanese. This will get you in the door with many of the regular Japanese shops that would normally turn away foreigners.

It is a hit and miss scenario, not a written code but more like 'guidelines'. (catch that reference there? :p )

We try to keep things honest and fair around here, enjoy your stay.

I appreciate the welcome. よろしく!

Unfortunately, I don't look that Japanese, but I understand what you are saying. My birthday is coming up on a weekday, so I may go for an adventure around kabuki-cho. I'll let you know how it goes, and yarrrr I get tha reference.

OH LORDY... he's breaking out the pirate talk.

Tell me, were you drinking when you posted that Eliah???

Welcome Dojo... :)