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    Title: Disappointment at Happy Hinomaru.

    Date/Time: 11/06/2014 /
    Providers: Ayaka アヤカ & Ai アイ
    Contact Info:
    You can find the contact info and location on their site, as well as pictures.
    Type/Location: Happy Hinomaru, Kabukicho, Shinjuku
    Language Specifics: Ayaka speaks a small amount of English, enough to give instructions. But conversation was hard and confusing. There were moments where she seemed to switch off, whilst we were talking. Ai didn't speak.
    Session Length/Fee: 30 mins/ 6480 with tax
    Physical Description: Did not look at all like their pictures. They looked at least a decade older in person. Ai was quite a bit overweight.
    Details: A friend and I went to Hinomaru, after hearing that Hinomaru was a good place. The doorman was very friendly, communicated very well in English and showed us upstairs. Another man with a suit asked us which lady we wanted from a board with pictures and then how long. We paid and then we were taken in to the lounge, we could hear some loud moaning from the cashier. The lounge is sort of dark, there are a few sofa chairs and tables around and some little rooms with bead doors. But generally you can see other people if you want to. We were sat a few tables away from each other.

    We waited around 10 minutes, before the ladies came. They offered us Tea or Water and we both had tea. My friend and Ai had no verbal communication. They just got down to business pretty quickly. I'm learning Japanese so I tried some chit chat, and Ayaka explained to me the rules rather well but anything else was lost on her.

    She undressed and said I could soflty touch her boobs, which were a bit saggy, and I could kiss her, and only with one finger, very slowly finger her. Regarding the blow job, it was BBBJ, Ayaka's was very mechanical something like 30 seconds mouth 30 seconds hand on a loop with no deviation and only maybe 2 inches. She was very rough with the handjob and her teeth on more than one occasion scraped my head. She was very quiet. I came the first time in her mouth at around 20 minutes in, after she took a break she came back and sat down and simply looked at me for a solid minute. I didn't know what was happening. She then tried to explain that it was time based so we can keep going, apparently you finish when you come 3 times or your time runs out, whichever is first. So she restarted. Unfortunately I wasn't as excited and along with the teeth and rough handjob it didn't go so well the second time.

    Ai was much more vocal with her blowjob and my friend said beside her looks, her technique was quite good. She only used her hands when he was almost coming so help him finish and she took the load in her mouth. He made her squirt by fingering her and she was very excited about that. After he came the first time around 10 minutes in she came back and sat next to him and rested her head on his shoulder, while he smoked. She then restarted again and he finished around 15 minutes later.

    Rating for Girls (Ayaka - Ai):
    Face: 4/10 - 3/10 (neither looked like the photos on the website or in store)
    Breasts 5/10 (soft but saggy) - 4/10 (big areolas, saggy)
    Body shape 6/10 (she was average) - 2/10 - (Quite overweight and smelt weird)
    Personality 7/10 (Ayaka tried to talk but it was confusing and seemed rehearsed) - N/A (didn't speak at all)
    Overall 4.4/10

    Recommendation: Overall the experience wasn't great. The difference in what they looked like to what we expected was very disheartening. But for what we paid, I wasn't expecting much. If you just want to bust a nut go ahead. It's quick, foreigner friendly and cheap. But we won't be going back to that place.
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    Until last July, there was another Ayaka that worked there. She was real cute, nice tits and figure, and gave AWESOME BJ. I had that Ayaka plenty of times and was sad that she left lol. She was the reason why I was a fan if that place. You are not the only one upset at this new Ayaka there was also another negative review of her. I quit Hinomaru 2 years ago when they had this girl named Mirai who was ugly, thick, and gave the worst. Not even Viagra could get me up for a woman like her.

    As for contact with teeth, I have had issues with other girls in the past over being bitten but it was not at all intentional on their part. They have given the courtesy to apologize telling me their mouths were small and asked if I was ok and all that. They tell me if it hurts it was ok to tell them. I will admit I have been rough on some girls in the past. At pururungang, Umi has the greatest tits I laid my eyes, mouth, face and dick on, but her tits are the most sensitive ever. But more time with her I know how to be gentle. Naturally I apologized to her when she tells me it hurts and I tease her that she makes me so excited.

    I can't believe they jacked their prices from the tax. I am a libertarian and I have issues with taxes naturally. But anyway, other services I use like Happy Berry kept their prices the same. Plus, the more you use it the cheaper it gets. You pay initiation fees, then you have regular member fees. After 5 times as a regular member you are VIP and the VIP prices are good and after 5 visits as a VIP member you become platinum. I now have platinum membership there and I only pay at base 11,000 for 55 minutes and the girls there are total knock outs. Their uncensored pictures are also authentic.
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    Should I have found this before I went tonight. First time in a pink salon. Went in, just showed two pictures. Mimi and Ai. The other pictures were sorted by time, maybe if I say I want another and i'm ok waiting, would have more options ¿?

    Anyway, the fucking pictures have nothing to do with the girl. Ugly as in UGLY, face as 1.5 width as in the photo, even wrinkles, and FAT. Not just a little overweight. FAT.
    I watched some wav.tv with my headphones on while I was in my way there (and also to ignore the catchers in kabukicho) so I went in with a half erection, but the moment she entered I literally wanted to run out of that place.

    Couldn't even get hard. Tried, no luck. Closed my eyes and remembered some of the nights I had in tokyo with normal girls, but wasn't enough.
    Ai didn't speak at all, I even said to her that i'm fluent in japanese. She didn't touch or do anything else to help me get excited. I tried to touch her, but could only do her tits (normal, no complaint there), but I felt that touching her was in fact contraproducent so I just closed my eyes, tried to relax and imagined some cute girls doing me.

    A few meters away was another gaijin, with a small, normal/slim (a kogara type) girl, and they were talking. The gaijin obviously, loud as hell with slow nihongo. Couldn't concentrate.

    Anyway, 20 or i don't know but torturous minutes of she doing head, and I couldn't get hard.

    Want to try again, but I'm afraid of hinomaru and its photoshoped photos. I'll do another place before coming back.
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    This place has been hit and miss for years, I think you caught the worst this time around.

    There are various other shops successfully reviewed here, so please take a look around to see if you can find something that suits you but yet has some positive feedback.
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    This place was my first p4p in Japan, so it has sorta a sentimental value, but I very very rarely go anymore because as we all know, few places are worse than this.

    Let this be the be-all and end-all point of Hinomaru. In my opinion, there's only one girl with seeing and that's Hotaru. She's a bit chubby, but not disgustingly so like some of the other girls. She's really bubbly and personable. I like to talk to her, even if she's a bit ditzy. She can give a mean BJ, deepthroating and all. You're free to touch her all over too; decent rack and shaved downstairs. Only occasionally will I walk in here and if she's not available, I walk out.

    Actually Rumi is cute enough for this level/class/price of providers. But her technique isn't anything to write home about.
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