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    Decided to drop by today after seeing mention that the girls here were a tiny bit younger and better looking.

    Using Google maps, the gps coordinates got me here pretty ok (35.695966, 139.702287). Once you see the sign for 4k with red carpet.. That is the place!

    Walked upstairs and the papa San comes out. At about 1pm, there's 4-5 girls listed as being available. Glance at he pics and ask for rumi. He says she's busy for the next 30-40 minutes and to pick some else. I look over the other pics and the chicks all look at least 10 years older in the pics that rumi. Tell him that I'll come back in 40 minutes and he says ok. Walk around shinjuku and grab a bite to eat. Get back and he tells me she's busy till 3pm. Wth... So, I'm mulling my options and look over the pics again. He mutters something long winded that I have no idea about and he repeats 3pm again and points to the price chart. Oh... I finally get it and paid for 40 minutes. Walk around and come back at 3pm, he brings me to a booth in the corner. Very dark as people said but not as dark as the place across from Janjan. The backs are low, pretty much a standard love seat.
    Rumi or whom I think is rumi comes over. I ask her name and she says rumi. She had brunette hair and I think she must be nearing at least 40... Bulletin picture is at least 10 years younger if it's her. She does the obligatory strip down and asks for my hands to wipe them with the alcohol solution. Says, "sorry cold" when wipe down shaft.

    Touches my crotch and fondles a bit then asks me to pull them down. Junior in hard already and she goes at it. After a few minutes, I take her hands off and sort of give her a hint to go deeper but she said she doesn't. Anyway, she continues at this for the next 15-20 minutes. Lots of hand action. Paid no attention to the boys down there. Towards the latter half, it was almost all hand action and a little licking on the tip. Finally pop and she sucks it all in.

    She says thanks and proceeds to cleanup then leave.

    In hindsight, I should have paid for 30 minutes.

    As for rumi, I didn't find her technique good. Maybe a bit to do with that I had a release yesterday already. But, more likely that it took so much hand action for her to get my release. I was playing with her kitty and she gave a few fake shivers, Imo.

    There were another set of girls. Starting at 5pm. Forgot to take a look... Although for the price, I would probably go back to Janjan for a quick release and roll the dice on whom I may get there instead. Or, go with 4k for another chick at 20 minutes.
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    Thanks for the review. For those looking for an exact location, I provided a pretty in-depth run-down of how to find Hinomaru in
    another thread.
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