Has anybody tried....


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Mar 15, 2012
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....natsu, rina, or mari from Asian mystique? they have been there for EONZ and I have never ever read a thing about them, ever.
Natsu: Down-to-Earth girl, gained weight since joining AM, but no complaints about her attitude or service from me. Not the brightest, but decent English. Highlight, she took my load on her face. Still, I wouldn't repeat, there are better options out there.

Rina: Very nice body, hot athletic type, teaches dance or aerobics I think so very fit. Not so cute. Reluctant to blow me but did so eventually. Not seen her in a long while since. Quite poor attitude. Again, I wouldn't bother.

Mari: Tried to book her 3 times and was on my way out the door to meet her when I got a call from Mama-san telling me she was 1) sick, 2) had a family bereavement, and 3) just started her period. Gave up.

Hope this helps. But from AM right now I'd go with Sora. Check out my review. Happy punting.
Thanks for the reply. I guess I will continue to use Ageha until I can get an appointment with Mai or sora