Heads Up On Erika@hipness, Ai@am


The pals are not what they scream.
Feb 27, 2014
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This is review related I guess.

Recent TAG favorite Erika@Hipness is on long holiday leave as are a number of their girls. I was with Erika a couple of weeks back (did not review) and she was sufferingly mightily from first time allergies. It/we/she was quite distracted and she said she was thinking of going back to Chiang-mai. Guess she did.

Ai@AM was reviewed by me a bit back and some have mentioned her. I was just wandering around AM's site and if you go to the Costume section under Fantasies (honestly I was just curious!), that is Ai modeling them.
Moved to the correct section. Thanks for the heads up on Erika and Ai.
That`s a drag. Erika was great! Really pretty and a nice lady! I can relate about the allergies.
Strike up the band - Erika is back!