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Heartland @ Roppongi West Walk


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Sep 24, 2009
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Let me be crystal clear, I hate Roppongi!! :mad:

...but it's the only place to meet other English speaking guys that are worth a damn. I am currently dating that nice UK fellow, so I'm not on the market right now anyway... When I hang with my Japanese girlfriends, we hit up Shinjuku & Shibuya usually... Roppongi is reserved for my girls who all speak English. (Japanese girls, they do it right!;))

Heartland is a regular spot with a decent reputation and I have no problem posting something good about them. They do have a more upscale crowd and not the same crowd you would find in other not-so-upscale places. Most of the guys are expats working in Tokyo in finance or other successful fields... you won't find your average Chiba english teacher here. (no offense you to hard working guys/gals) There are some shady characters there too, that's expected everywhere. (Yeah, I'm talking about you guys who sleuth their way over to me every single time I'm in there!) Food is decent, prices are reasonable for the area and the overall experience does not leave you feeling like you just lost your best investment. ;)

Matter-o-fact, I will be at Heartland tonight since the BF is going to be working late, AGAIN. :mad::mad::mad:

This is my first review! Love me!!!! :D


Roppongi Hills, West Walk 1F
WWW: HEARTLAND (English Here)
(The website gets a thumbs down, heavy, intoxicated flash site.:confused:)
TEL: 03-5772-7600 / Hours: 17:00-28:00 (5PM-4AM) Last Order: 3:30AM
Ah, good post Karen-chan!

I like to stay home most of the time, though Heartland is not bad at all. I should make a post about this other place in Shinjuku. It's a tiny drinking hole, good atmosphere and people though.
Bump! We're going to Heartland tonight after work! :D Work be damned, we are leaving on-time today! :D :D :D :D
How did your night go Karen?

Curious minds want to know!


Hi Eliah!

We had a great time last night, although we moved around, had a great time. :p It was about 2am when I headed back home by Taxi. A few other girls hung around for awhile longer. The crowd last night was not too bad at all. My BF finally showed up after work, around 11pm and went home about the same time as I did. He's a lightweight anyway! :D:p:rolleyes:

We're about ready to leave for Shibuya tonight, probably won't stay out as late tonight. Hope you guys have a good one! ;)
Heya Karen! Want some additional company tonight????
Heya Karen! Want some additional company tonight????

Um... I don't think it would be a problem for part of the night. It's a girls night after all:p, so I can't promise you anything. Come to Shibuya and give me a ring. If I don't answer, drop me a text and I'll come find you. :)
LOL! I am glad you answered! I was sitting here hitting F5 repeatedly so I didn't miss your reply! :D

I will give you a call when I get to Shibuya. Hmm... I guess I will just come by Ginza line, so I will be in the Mark City area initially.

See you in Shibuya sweetie!
How much fun, depends on how fast Cake's GF's kick me out of the girls-only group. :p
Hey! Thanks for coming last night! I'm soooo sorry about the girls. I know you knew what we were up to, I still feel sorry about it though. :(
No blackmail photos Karen? I'm disappointed in you. :( You know I have to keep some headway over Chris so he'll do my bidding!!! /evilgrin

No blackmail photos Karen? I'm disappointed in you. :( You know I have to keep some headway over Chris so he'll do my bidding!!! /evilgrin


You are funny. :D I've got Chris wrapped around my finger, don't worry! :p
PS: Karen, your girl friends are HOT. :D

yeah, I know, post whore and all.

I ROLF'd! You know you are, just admit it so I don't have to go into dirty details. Why do you think I'm here?! To make sure you stay within my control! :D:D:D

TAG Manager said:
PS: Karen, your girl friends are HOT.

Why yes, they are! :p
What dirty details could you possibly have on me? You surely have not known me for that long.