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Mar 20, 2012
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so this is my first post here...Sorry for my grammar but english is not my language.
I've found this very useful website by doing some research about escorts before my trip in Tokyo in april. The only thing I could say is that if I've heard about it during my last stay in Japan, I'd certainly have avoid the famous escort bar trap (which is just spending a lot of money and getting a huge hangover). At least, this makes a good story for my friends who still laugh at me for being such a fool.

I hope that I'll make a few positiv reviews about gorgeous Japaneese girls soon.

would loved to read about your escort bar trap adventure if you are to share...
Hi TokyoGuy

Well my story is quite simple : before being in Tokyo (around july 2010), I've heard about Kabukicho as the place where you can find sexy entertainment at every street corner. Which is true. The problem is that I have underestimated the difference between the western red light districts and the japaneese one. Furthermore, I don't speak japaneese.
So here I am walking in Kabukicho, searching for a strip club to start the night. Then, one south african guy came to me and started talking about the club is working for. I asked I'm if it was a strip club, his ansewer was yes. So I followed him to his club, which was very tiny, with one pool bar in the middle and a few couches. Inside, there were 2 girls who were talking and laughing with a guy, and an another one alone, that's all. No nude dancers.
Instead of leaving, I decided to stay and to take a drink. First mistake.
Then, the alone girl (a russian girl, around 30) came to me and we start to have a very nice conversation. When I asked her if it was a strip club, she just smiled and told me that it was a little bit different. Even then, I stayed. Maybe because of the several drinks I had. At that time, I didn't pay anything and didn't see any bills. Second mistake.
Then, an other girl joined us. They started to speak in japaneese to each other, wich was a bit suspect. I still stayed. 3rd mistake? Of course!
We(or "I" should say I) took more drinks, all for me of course. I was feeling very dizzy, which I thought was because of jetlag and alcool. But being so lost after 3 of 4 drinks is a litlle too much for me. With the arrival of the second girl (a brazilian, mid 30),it started to get warmer : without warning, they started to DFK me, put their tits on my face. I was thinking : "it's better than a strip club"...What a fool!
Then after 10 min of that special treatment, 2 big black guys came to me and ask to pay : 160 000 yen...WTF?!!! For a few drinks and 2 pairs of boobies!! I tried to talked with then but they started to put the pressure on me. Should I say that the girls just dissapeared from that moment? Holy crap!
Anyway, as I was alone in the "club", alone in japan, and I was a bit afraid (and completly dizzy with my head just spinning around), I decided to pay. I only had 50 000 in cash in my wallet and my credit card. Fortunatly, their card machine wasn't able to take my card. They were very annoyed and so were I (I was starting to think of me in a plastic bag in the tokyo bay lol).
They escorted me to several shops and clubs around Kabukicho (which seemed to be linked with their club), trying my card everywhere they could but each times, the card just didn't fit with their machines. At the end (4 o'clock in the morning), they took me to an ATM, took as much as they can (around 30000), and then left me.
So, for one night (from 10 to 4): 80000 yen, 4-5 vodka, a few DFK, no pussies, I nearly pissed in my pants, and after a short sleep, my head was just messed up (still thinking about that they must have put something in my drink).
When I think about that story, I tell myself that I was both very very stupid (that's what happened when your lower brain take the command) and lucky (my card could have given them the 160 000, I could have been beaten or hurt).
Anyway, I still love Japan, and still wanna try some sexy experience. This time, I think I'll book with AM or visit a soapland.

Oh, you can mock me or laugh at me, no problems!

Cheers mate
Okay guys, here goes. I've lived in Japan for about ten years, been single, married, divorced, widowed, you name it, I've been it. I live in the Yokohama area and travel to Tokyo about once a month. I'm into Soaplands mainly and BJ's, don't like going all the way for the price tag. Just a squirrel looking for a nut.