Hi Top (Directions)


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Oct 26, 2012
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hi top (name is in lowercase on sign in English) 
Location: Otsuka, North Tokyo
Webpage: Doesn't exist.
Address (English): 2-6-9 Kitaōtsuka,Toshima-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan
Google Map View: +35° 43' 57.52", +139° 43' 39.58"

Notes on Google Map View: The google map street view starts behind the building. Turn until you see the stop sign (red triangle) and turn right. It's on your right hand side (small road pink sign with 'hi top' on it). You can see it quite clearly from the middle of the intersection just passed the restaurant's white sign. You'll see hair shop on the second floor of the white restaurant named 'smooth' in the right direction. In the opposite you'll see 'hi-techland' 'game'. There is a white awning over top of the entrance and pink hi top that says 'paradise' (there are two clubs in this building, hi top and paradise 3000).

Opening hours: Unknown, but assume 10am to midnight or last.

- 8000 yen according to the sign and other reports.
- Other courses unknown.

- Foreigner friendly
- No real Japanese needed from reports.
- FS (intercourse) is apparently available.
- The street outside is said to be very busy. You might want to check out the plastics store just over the road or from one of the restaurants.
Hey folks,

I wanted to go to hi top today, but couldn't find anywhere that had the details in full. I'm throwing this up here because, probably, a lot of newbies like me are thinking 'where the heck is this place?'

If you are coming to this post in the future, this is from 2012.
Great info! Do you know what floor it's on by chance? Thanks.
Just wanted to let you all know that Hi-Top is no longer in business, unless anyone knows if they moved somewhere else. This is from a visit back in late May 2013. The sign is gone, and no one will respond at the door.