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Hinomaru And Jan Jan: A Comparison


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Jun 29, 2013
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I wondered about this after lurking here for a bit, so today I took a trip up to Sugamo to give JanJan a go and I thought it might be of interest to compare them head to head, so to speak.

The experience is pretty similar at both places: you are greeted by a tout on the street who sends you up (at Hinomaru) or down (at JanJan), where you pay your money, pick a girl (Hinomaru only), then are seated, served tea, your new friend arrives, you chat a little, you take down your pants, your new friend washes you thoroughly, then partially disrobes herself, then goes to town on you until you come in her mouth, you chat some more, and then your new friend thanks you and walks you to the door, a new man.

I did notice some differences between the two places, though. At JanJan, you'll pay JPY3000 for 20 minutes, but I'm not sure whether you can request a longer session. At Hinomaru, you can choose how long you'd like your date to last (and pay accordingly).

In terms of ambience, Hinomaru is bigger, darker, is slightly less smoky-smelling, and the backs of the couches are shorter. The last time I went to Hinomaru, I couldn't avoid seeing one of the other girls from the chest up as she was astride her customer (a Japanese fellow - I am not sure that would happen with a gaikokujin). At JanJan, the couches are much taller, and so your field of vision is much more limited. There is a wall between the two sides, though there are a lot of mirrors. If you're shy, I think Hinomaru might be a little less comfortable for you, due to its relative openness. It is much darker, though, which would compensate.

Another difference is in the women, at least as far as my limited experience goes. I am by no means an expert at this, nor am I actually very choosy, to be honest. I am not looking for a particular "type" when I go to a place like this - my expectations are pretty low in terms of looks, partly too because my own looks are not exactly so great. That said, I've had experiences with two different women at Hinomaru (Jun and Ai) and one only at JanJan (Momo). There were at least three, and I think four, women in JanJan, none of whom one might say was gorgeous. Momo was, I'm quite sure, in her late 30s at least. Jun and Ai at Hinomaru are in their 20s. Momo, at JanJan, was pleasant enough, businesslike - we chatted, though my Japanese is atrocious - but there was no girlfriend experience per se. When I petted her pussy, she for sure had used a lube or some kind of unguent down there. There was no kissing whatsoever. By contrast, Jun and Ai were more personable, a little less businesslike. In the case of Ai, she is heavier than her picture for sure but she was lovely and she was an awesome kisser, in my opinion, lots of DFK, she was REALLY wet and it wasn't lube, and that was, for me, a turn on.

But that said - Momo at JanJan gave me an amazing blowjob. Jun was very good, Ai was good - both enthusiasticly so - but Momo totally knew what she was doing, at least for me. And honestly, I'm not a young man, so I kind-of liked being with someone closer to my own age, actually. I get the sense a lot of folks aren't into that, but that's kind-of a turn on for me.

Lastly, the hygiene is different. At Hinomaru, there is an alcohol solution at every table, and the women used wipes, I'm presuming antibacterial. A JanJan, it was rolled towels like you find at restaurants. That was surprising, to me.

So which do I prefer? I don't know. Sugamo is definitely less convenient for me - the JPY1000 I save by going in an afternoon gets spent on train fare anyhow. I like the vibe and the women at Hinomaru a little better, I think, plus the option to buy more time up front. And honestly, in a perverse way, I like the more open space at Hinomaru. However, I really enjoyed my experience with Momo and I would make the hike up there again if I can spare the time.

Your mileage may vary. Isn't it nice to have a couple of options?

Thanks again to all for all the assistance and advice here.
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Excellent comments there- I agree with many of the points, but thought I would mention a couple of things I noticed. When I went to JanJan last, the girl had a couple of the towels soaked with what smelled like an alcohol solution, along with more that didn't. After the deed, she provided me with one of the alcohol smelling ones to wipe off her...let's be crude... juices that accumulated on my fingers. That being said, it's a moot point as it was an epic sloppy explosive BBBJCIM, so if either she or I had a bug, we most probably shared THAT between us.

In regards to straddling, I've had that happen to me at JanJan (no penetration. Actually she used me- well specifically a part of me- to get herself off, which was hot but honestly a little uncomfortable and scary in an STD way), but never at Hinomaru. However it is well known that in the past when Hinomaru used to open at 5am that early goers got free FS, because the girls were tired, and it is a heck of a lot easier to part the legs and let the man do all the work.

In regards to hygiene, I have never had a problem at JanJan- girls were fresh and clean- but had issues twice at Hinomaru. I'm not sure if a couple of the girls there purposely let themselves go 'boardwalk at low tide' stinky down there to keep customers away from fingering or dining at the y, but I remember using that alcohol pump like crazy on a wet nap, and trying to get the stink of last weeks tuna special off my fingers on one occasion. On another occasion, I had a teethy BJ by another girl. I mean, come on- teeth? Really?

Because of that, I have sworn off randomly choosing girls at Hinomaru, and would only choose a girl that other posters recommend- there are some bad ones.

JanJan is really luck of the draw. The reason why I stopped was because one of the girls was not my type- a big girl. She had a sweet personality, and had great technique, and I still had a satisfactory finish, but I had to close the eyes and imagine someone much prettier and thinner doing what she was doing to me. No joke- at one point I thought I was fondling a tit- actually it was a fat roll. Some guys like that kind of action. I don't.

Both Hinomaru and JanJan have been bug free for at least the last 2.5 years, with the last documented bug scare (at least on English speaking boards) happening at JanJan back in 2010.

Bottom line- either place is fine for foreigners who can't speak any Japanese, but I would recommend that if you go to Hinomaru, you should read the boards and have a couple of names in mind before you go.