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Hinomaru - Chiyoko (no.7)


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Apr 10, 2014
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Date/Time: 2014-04-12 15:00 (3 hours into her shift)
Provider: Chiyoko (No7)
Contact Info:
Pink Salon, Shinjuku
Language Specifics: No Japanese required
Session Length/Fee: 40mins/8645 yen (new sales tax in effect)
Physical Description: Stats on page seem accurate, and image is approximate enough. And yes, she actually has a decent set of tits, especially for such a small framed girl. Easily her best feature.
Hinomaru is easy to find with the map on their webpage etc. Guy downstairs greets you and sends you right up to the next guy who takes you inside, shows you the pictures to choose from and handles the monetary part of the deal. I'd planned to revisit Kirara, but she wasn't in even though her schedule said she'd be, so I had to give the board a long hard look. There were 5 girls available, so plenty to choose from at that time of day. I fancied a small girl, so I picked Chiyoko (I had her as a 2nd option when studying the profiles online a couple of days ago), and the tenchou warned me that there was "no touching below" on her. That was okay, and he then showed me to my couch and after a couple of minutes the she showed up. I think it was cosplay day or something, since the three girls I saw all wore some kind of skimpy waitressy outfit.

We greeted eachother, quickly established we had no language in common, she reiterated the "no touching below" but that "touching above" was very okay and appreciated. She then yanked down her top, told me to drop trou, gave me a wipedown and dove in. It's a little strange getting a blowjob from someone you just met 30 seconds ago in what feels like a semi-open space, but it didn't take her long to make me forget my surroundings. Part of the distraction was playing with her pretty awesome tits. A little smaller than a handfull and perfectly shaped with nice sensitive nipples. She's not built for servicing "gaijin-specced customers" with tiny (and I mean really tiny!) hands and a smallish mouth, so it's mainly your top inch and a half that gets attention. But I can't fault her spirit, since she kept at it for the full 40 minutes without stop. At the end I helped out a bit, but she refused to let me finish all by myself, pushing her way in to the action, so I guess the last couple of minutes was a 50/50 cooperative effort. She seemed honestly delighted when I finally popped, not just "thank god that is over", and smiled contently while wiping me down. Then she popped off with the tissues and returned with some tea. Now on overtime she didn't rush me or anything, but cuddled while I got my breath back and then we headed for the exit.

Additional notes:
I don't know if the "no touching below" is a permanent thing or monthly timing. If anyone else gives her a try please mention this in your review, thanks. :)
There was another guy that came in 10 minutes after me who was a real moron. Within 5 minutes the girl had said "itai" and "yamete" like 5-6 times, and the tenchou had to intervene. It was all handled very low key, but his session ended right there and I'm pretty sure he got thrown out/banned. And it felt really weird sitting halfway naked less than 5 meters away observing everything while this tiny girl goes all out on me. Bizzare. Experiencing this on my second visit makes me hope that it was a fluke, and not really indicative of how often the girls are exposed to guys like that. So go easy on them if it seems like they are a bit off one day, they might have had an asshole for a customer.

Recommendation: Yes, if you can get off by milder stimulation.

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I saw her (#7) this afternoon at about 12:30, my first experience of any sexual kind in was an all around pleasant experience..
she was very friendly, as this was my first time I didn't want a bj, just a handjob as I'm scared of catching something as I've read
on here that the condoms here in Japan are very small....she let me play with her nice tits and kiss her, tried to touch below but she was "no no no!" and I came quite quick (I said "Iku" to give her a warning)
but I jizzed all over her outfit...I felt horrible, trying to clean it off with those wipes, but she was very kind, her first concern was wiping the rest of the jizz from my shirt...I should have gone a little slower
as I paid for the minimum 20 minutes (Y4,300, wow that's expensive, maybe all the reviews I've read on this place are from years ago?) but it only lasted about 7 minutes, next time I'll pace myself...
she was really kind, wiping me off, then walking me halfway down the steps and giving me a kiss...I'll def go back to her next time she's available !!! Next time I think I'll bring a large condom and let her, or someone else, blow me....:)
I wouldn't worry too much about messing up her uniform, first of all they probably have spares in the back, second you're not her first customer to be a bit quick off the starting line, and finally she doesn't go outside in her work clothes. And that's why she was more concerned about cleaning you up, can't have you walking out of her shop all messed up, now could she? :)

Now with the timing and length of visit I can't really give any word of advice other than practice makes perfect, so something equally unhelpful. But if you pay for, say 30 minutes and pop after 5, I'd stay and expect to be kept company for the full 30 minutes. If chatting isn't an option, even just kissing and cuddling feels pretty damned good. And yeah, bring a condom, ease your mind a bit and just enjoy the experience of receiving a BJ from a skilled pro. Damn I miss Tokyo already...
Don't fret it. Customers come first (excuse pun) in Japan and she may well have seen much worse. I'm sure she appreciated your sincerity. I agree with what Telf said - if you paid for 20 minutes then 20 minutes you have. This may sound mean but for all her probably genuine/with a touch cultural concern, she was booked for 20 and served for 7-10. She had a break there. I am a 30-year vet in Japan and in any situation, be it a paid blow-job or a top-flight corporate presentation (often there is not much difference) the time is the time. It gets used.

Regular Japanese condoms are small. Large versions are available at larger (errr...) chemist/drugstores. A pack sold years ago had a very large nose on the front! Now they have 'L size'. Don't sweat taking a good look at the display to get the right ones. And whoever is the cashier will not bat an eye-lid at checkout.
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I went back today at noon and asked when #7 was coming in and was told by the fluent English speaker that she was fired, he wouldn't elaborate any further, how to you get fired from a pinsaru????? Sad, she was very nice! I would go to wherever she is now....
I went back today at noon and asked when #7 was coming in and was told by the fluent English speaker that she was fired, he wouldn't elaborate any further, how to you get fired from a pinsaru????? Sad, she was very nice! I would go to wherever she is now....
Maybe she was caught doing more than BJ? or had met a client outside the joint? Just specualting....