Hinomaru location


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Nov 11, 2010
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Hi everyone.

I just create this thread,to be sure where Hinomaru is.I 've been looking on googlemaps,and Hinomaru webpage,and comparing both maps,watching on streetwiev,can't find well...:(

On web,this is the map,

and i supose,is this corner,

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but watch and watch,and no see reference about it.

Please,if somebody can tell me if its truly this corner,i would be thankfull.

yeah its the right corner, but you have to go up left a little more, its not RIGHT on the corner. just look for a random staircase thats pretty wide that goes up.
Hi Coyote,

See the red sign on the ground in the far right of the street view image you posted? That's right where the entrance to Hinomaru is. You can see the tout standing there with his face blurred.

The stairs in the middle of the image are for a place called VIP Lounge, it's a strip club where you can negotiate for a bit more action when you get a private dance.
ahahahahaha, yeah tokyo and pitty are right. thats the tout and thats definitely the staircase.
cto,tokyo and pitty,thanks a lot again.

At last,i know where Hinomaru is,
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i looked for it long time,but couldn't find well,now i will be on my way.
Will go on july,but i always prefer prepare everything a bit before,so i dont find surprises later.

Be sure i will write my experience,so others can enjoy too.
And tokyo,thank you for the advoce about that strip club VIP Lounge,for sure i will visit too.:cool: