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Sep 6, 2012
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Has anyone been to the Shinjuku branch recently? I haven't been for a year. A rough and ready over 40 year old lady serviced me then. Any younger ones at the moment?
I went a few months ago with a friend who was in Japan for the first time. I gave him first pick of two girls. He got the young/pretty one with horrible technique, and I got the...old and much less attractive one who knew what she was doing. Neither of us had a good time. I think the main thing for me is I'm not an exhibitionist so being in the same room with a number of other dudes getting some action is a giant turn off for me.
are there other branches of hinomaru? all i know is the one in hinomaru.

ayaka is my personal favorite. i have had her six times. azusa i heard is not feeling well and is taking a very extended break. i have heard some great things about rumi but havent tried her. ayaka just lacks an ass. other than that, she is descent and gives a great blow job
Ayaka works from 3pm to closing (1am). Usually, her days off are on Tuesday.
Hey can anyone describe the scene here for me? Im gonna go soon and wanted to know what to expect.
I feel like Ive read a couple of conflicting descriptions. I think one time I was told it was like small low booths that each customer is in. Another guy described it more like an open room with everyone all around in it?
Im good with either one, just curious what itll be like.

Thanks. First post here. :)
Hey can anyone describe the scene here for me?

It's basically a somewhat dimly lit room with a bunch of couches all facing the far end of the room. Maybe like 5 or 6 rows of couches 2 across, with an aisle between the 2 couches. When you walk up to your assigned seat, you don't see anything, but after you are done and are walking out be careful or you might get an eyeful. And if you aren't in the 'front row' you'll pretty regularly have people walking by. Hope that helps.
Sounds good.
Hopefully not so dark that you cant see your girl well.
And nothing wrong with being able to see some of the other girls while in there I guess. :)
well there are some corner rooms with curtains which i guess are for vips. i say if you are on the very end, with no chairs in front of you, it is more comforting. it is dark but its only you and the girl and you can see them perfectly fine.
I visited Hinomaru on Saturday for the first time. It reminded me of Supergirls that used to be in Shinbashi. Pretty easy to find, and the guy at street level bowed deeply and thanked me for coming in. The guy inside gave me a choice of the only two girls available. I picked the one who had the better picture, but should have gone for the other one.

The set up is as described above, except it's nowhere near as dark as I remember Supergirls being. At first I thought that this was the waiting area because I could see everything and everyone around me but no, this is where the action happens. The guy in front of me (white guy) appeared to be doing nothing but talking to his girl, but maybe he got his BJ before I arrived. The guy two couches in front of me (asian guy) was having fun with his girl, kissing, talking, and then the BJ.

My girl was Haruka, late 30s (maybe older), looked nothing like her photo, and acted like she'd taken a tranquilizer. Seriously looked like she hadn't slept in two days. No attempt at conversation, no contact other than she leaned against me and took a brief nap. I had to take her hand and put it in my lap, which is like jacking off with someone else's hand. Her BJ skills were equally as bad, as she hasn't figured out the basic skill of keeping teeth away from genitals.

I might go back since it's cheap (4,000 for 20 min or 6,000 for 30), but I'd leave if she was the only one available.
i went about two four weeks ago. when i go upstairs the man shows me a board with three rows of placards with photos on them. he gestured to the top row which had two placards as if to indicate those two were the only two available. I shrugged, meaning to indicate how does one tell the difference and he promptly moved two ladies up from mid-row to the top row. I don't recall he name but she was close to the person in the photo.
IIRC, the top row shows ladies who are immediately available, while the ladies below them are available if you wait around for a bit.
IIRC, the top row shows ladies who are immediately available, while the ladies below them are available if you wait around for a bit.

Being the cynic that I am, I have a feeling that they make some girls 'unavailable' when they see gaijin approaching, but that's just me.
I think that's a possibility. Other places are willing to tell you that some girls will not take gaijin.
The photos are of the girls who are available were in the top row of a chart that was on the wall. When I chose the girl, he took her photo off and put it below with photos of girls who were not available. If there was a gaijin prejudice, I didn't feel it. In fact, just the opposite, both of the guys I saw did the deep bows and told me how glad they were I came in. The customer on the couch two feet in front of me was a white guy. I don't think the talent at this place is strong enough to take a hard line against gaijin. These girls are pretty marginal looking.
If there was a gaijin prejudice, I didn't feel it. In fact, just the opposite, both of the guys I saw did the deep bows and told me how glad they were I came in.

Providing good service and gaijin prejudice is not always mutually exclusive, especially in cases where the shop is gaijin friendly but some of the girls are not. I've booked at a few different places the place was gaijin friendly but the first few scheduled girls I attempted to book with were suddenly unavailable.

This is not a complaint per se, just the reality of the levels of grey we deal with doing P4P in Japan.
Wow this place sounds pretty low rate nowadays.
I guess its cheap though and easy location.
After my last trip to Hinomaru it does seem that some of the girls are not gaijin friendly. I went in and there were six girls on the board. The guy at the entrance indicated that I could choose from two of them -- a fat one and an old one. I said that they did not look appealing and asked if I could have any of the others on the board, to which he said no.
Do they provide a condom or do you need to bring your own? And just to make sure I am reading it right. It's $40 for 20 min. And $20 more to pick your girl?
Do they provide a condom or do you need to bring your own?

Hinomaru is BBBJ, so if you want it covered, you'll probably have to bring your own condom. Note that if you pull out a condom, she may think that you want to have sex, so either have appropriate handsignals ready or learn the appropriate Japanese.
I went there on my 45th birthday earlier this month, taking a personal day off from work. It was a Monday morning, so it wasn’t crowded. I requested Jun. As usual, I asked her to get into a 69 position with me, since having an ass to stick my face in really turns me on. After servicing me, Jun gave me a business card with a special birthday message.
Jun is one of my favorites, and Hana is a real workhorse. However, recently I had Tsubasa, and she kinda laid on my chest like a huge heffer, and I couldn't move. BJ wasn't very good, and she had to get her act together when the tencho told here over the mike to hurry up. There was some teeth contact leaving me a bit sore. On talking with her, and the way the staff talk to her, I left wondering if she was not playing with a full deck. Left feeling a bit strange about the whole experience.
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