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    Date/Time: June 2014, afternoon

    Provider: Misato (Thai)

    Contact Info: http://www.hipness.jp/p_profile.shtml?proc=profile&name=misato

    Type/Location: Asian P Door, Uguisudani

    Language Specifics: Minimal Japanese okay when ordering. I spoke to Misato in Japanese.

    Session Length/Fee: 13,000 yen for 90 minutes, hotel 3500 yen for 2 hours

    Physical description: Pretty Thai lady in her 30s. She was very friendly and has a nice personality. While not young she looked great for her age.

    Details: Misato is very friendly and fun to be with. After the shower we engaged in a bit of DFK, DATY, 69 and CFS. A quick rest and then she offered to give me a Thai massage while I recuperated for round 2. She told me that she has some experience in Thai massage. After a nice massage we started again. I just asked for a BJ and then a nice slow HJ. Second shower and she wanted to have a bath with me but alas no time.

    Recommendation: I highly recommend her. She knows how to give great service and seemed to enjoy her job. Gives better service than Erika.
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    Thanks for the review!
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