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Apr 29, 2014
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Date/Time: April 2014 Weekend

Provider: 1st The old lady over 50, 2nd the heavy set girl who is just plain obese

Contact Info: www.dio.bz/

Type/Location: Pink salon in Gotanda

Language Specifics: No Japanese needed

Session Length/Fee: 8,000 yen I believe for 40 minutes of torture

Physical Description: 3 times & each time this exact same set. An old lady that resembles & is as sexy as the average cleaning obachan you see cleaning bathrooms. After that they bring the over weight girl who I am sure this works for many but the combination as a set is torture.

Details: I went there & they are completely friendly & gaijin friendly but I've been spacing visits because I've kept getting this pair. Truthfully I've been thinking that is the gaijin pair & others may have experienced it too. I've tried to ask if I could I go upstairs to escape them only to have them. I've asked to go downstairs to escape them, only to have the same set. The only lady just can't get me off. Then I know the heavy set one just sees the disappointment in my face, & finishes with her hands.

Recommendation: I can't go back this year, maybe a year later or so. If you do go I'd recommend asking to pay more to not get this set. There are other providers. This is an honest review & if I didn't get them 3 times in a row I might think the service was bearable.
I went there once and wil never go back.

Japanese pay 4000 only. Foreigners pay 8000 which is for 2 sessions but you probably will never need a 2nd session.

The 2 girls I had were actually slim and petite, late 20s, but very creepy