Hong Kong / Macau


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Jan 10, 2010
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Since I have recently taken over an oversight for the ASPAC region, I will be in Hong Kong more often than before.

Do we have any experts on Hong Kong or Macau entertainment?

What I have heard is that Macau is a men's paradise basically. Service is good with a reasonable price. Last time I was in HK, I met up with a strkingly beautful Independent girl, but I would like to take the ferry to Macau and see what it is like over there.

Would love to hear some feedback and/or tips from fellow Asia travelers!

Happy trails.
I have been to Honk Kong but never to Macau.

The stories I have heard is that everything is cheap and there a multitude of girls to choose from including Japanese.

Macau is sort of like Las Vegas, but more risque.