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Jan 27, 2013
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First post, really enjoy the site. Moved to Tokyo a few months ago and have been with Japanese and Taiwanese business contacts to two high end Hostess bars in Ginza; classy, they probably spent about JY 100,000 for a couple of hours of drinks and chatting. These were Japanese and Chinese only establishments, I was only allowed in with a member.

I'd like to find a middle-range, gaijin-friendly Hostess Bar to take gaijin friends and business contacts to on occasion. I'll be paying myself, so I don't mind JY 20,000 per person or so for 60 or 90 minutes of kicking back with girls and a drink; but not JY 50,000 per person and more. The Roppongi bars seem lower end and sketchy.

Any experienced TAG gurus with any recommendations, either Hostess bars or web sites with info on this kind of establishment? The recommendations for providers and in-call services are great. But while I know many guys think the Hostess bar scene is lame and overpriced, I actually like it, and enjoy the ability to relax and cement a business relationship.

Thanks in advance for any tips!