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Jan 27, 2013
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Quick review of old school Hostess Club "G1" in Ginza. Entry fee is usually 12,000Y for 90 minutes, 3000Y for 30 minute extensions beyond that. Small, nice interior, not quite as nice as the more upscale Chinese Hostess Clubs, but classy enough. These old school clubs are dying off in the bad economy, so it's usually not so crowded; more girls than guys, about 3/4 Japanese clients, 1/4 Gaijin.

Girls are a mix of East Europeans with a few Japanese and Filipinas. Most are older, from late 20s to 40 or so; most of the East Europeans are tall, leggy, several are really hot. Good Japanese and English speakers, several are quite intelligent and interesting. If you're an intelligent, attractive Gaijin (I'm 47), you'll be very popular. You can keep a girl with you for an extra 3000Y, or just roll with the musical chairs every 15-20 minutes or so. They'll ask for bar drinks of course, but there's not so much pressure. Your drinks are covered, of course.

Lots of flirting, light fondling, but again, this is old school mizu shobai, not a strip or sex club. I've been 4 times, and probably could have arranged to go out with a girl at closing time twice. The girls give cards to try and attract regular clients, and I have offers from two so far to meet offline, but haven't had a chance yet.

Costs ranged from about 35,000Y the first time I went (stayed about 3 hours) to 65,000Y the last time ( 4 hours with champagne and multiple girls).

If you've never been to one of these places, try it once for 90 minutes just for the hell of it, its an interesting cultural experience. If you have the money and enjoy this type of "party on demand", then G1 is not a bad place to have fun. Safe, fairly upscale (you need to dress appropriately), and attractive if a little older women.
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Thanks for this review. This is very interesting, we have never had a review on Ginza hostess clubs. What's even more interesting is the cross-selection of girls that are available. Are these clubs finally opening up to more international clientele that speak more than just Japanese?

The cost seems reasonable, this is something I will have to try out myself. I'll need to actually buy some decent attire.
Yes, that's it. Photos of girls look dated maybe. I only recognize a couple, although I have only been a few times and haven't met them all; but I suspect that line up may be a year or two old. A fair enough representation of what you'll find, though. They all speak English and at least some Japanese. I believe there are only a relative handful of true Hostess Clubs that are gaijin-friendly unless you speak decent Japanese and/or go with a Japanese friend or business contact. Now I have been to a Chinese Hostess Club too, there are quite a few in Ginza; gorgeous young Chinese girls, but you have to be a high roller or go with a Chinese contact who can get in. Very classy place, but you'll spend twice as much as at G1, probably. Now I was comped by a Chinese contact on that occasion, but he (or his company, I should say) probably spent a thousand bucks apiece on us that evening.
Thanks again User2568! Appreciate the follow-up post.

I've only heard stories about the kind of cash they drop at these places. The Chinese girls, I'm sure they are amazing.
Hi, I'm looking for recommendations to work in a hostess bar for short term in sept. Any advice on which clubs please? Thank you!