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Hotel in Shinjuku


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Jan 19, 2013
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I will be in Tokyo in a couple of weeks for 24 hours.

I have not been to Japan for a number of years (over 10??). But figured I would stay in Shinjuku like last time for various reasons.

I was wondering if the Hilton and/or Hyatt are friendly for delivery? If I go that route.

I tend to stay in US chains for the points. I looked at the Courtyard in Ginza (prefer Marriott properites), but checking the forum, there seems to be little to no action in Ginza area.

But any other advice would be appreciated.

I can't speak for the Park Hyatt, but I've stayed in both Hyatt Regency (former Century Hyatt) and the Hilton in Nishi-Shinjuku (although it was years ago), and while you are supposed to register your guests there, it's unlikely to be an issue at all.

Especially at the Hyatt. I had no problem bringing a (non-pro) girl up to my room there, and the lobby at the Hyatt Regency is gigantic -- it's not like a reasonably dressed woman is going to have to pass in front of suspicious eyes on the way to the elevators. Happy hobbying.