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Hotel Massage?

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Sep 23, 2011
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My hotel is offering a "massage for men" for 6,000 for 40 minutes. (They have massage for women too). Is there likely to be anything erotic about it, or is it just a massage? Do you think I would be likely to get a girl or a masseur?

It's not a sleazy hotel.
If it's just a regular Hotel, it's likely just a regular massage.

There have been some stories of guys getting lucky with the lady that was sent to their room. It most cases, however, it's usually an older lady who's just there for a regular massage and that's that.

I do believe you are most likely to get a female massage therapist. For the times I've actually used a massage service, it's always been a female.
I intend to visit japan soon, and probably stay at the hotel new touhoku, i'd stayed there before, but never knew they offered massage service, it's a family run hotel, so a presume they have a deal with a outside massage place, majority of the massage service are done by female, I know this place provide service.
Will probably try them but they are rather expensive, even massage service in japan are expensive when compared to massage in hong kong.

has anyone tried any massage service in hong kong and compared them to massage service in japan, are there any differences regarding there massage skill, whether it's just a veggi or with special service.
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I tried "***********". A girl with big boobies washed my body and we took a bath together. She was kind and always smiling, though her English wasn't that good. After that, she gave me professional aroma massage and hand job. If you order extra option, she'd give you fellatio, too. They said they'll come wherever as long as you are in Tokyo, whether it's a house or a hotel.