How To Ask For Different Body Type/style

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    First time poster long time viewer.

    i have a pretty ok understand of the japanese language, and have visited most of these gaijin friendly places thats been listed here.

    as i would like to expand my options of what type of girls i can have instead of just taking whatever is dealt to me by the company. for example, choosing from a picture is not always a good thing because the picture is often old or manipulated, so its better to ask for specific things.

    i know som words but dont know if they are applicable.

    for example, if i want a slim girl with small breast.. i could wing it and just say surimu (slim) chisai no mune.
    but i'm sure there are better ways to say it.. so i'm asking what is a good way to ask for different body types? especially i want to know if theres a specific syntax i should be using.

    small / big breasts
    lolita type (i guess that can be "rori type?)

    and so on.. is there any good ways to ask about these in japanese? or do i just have to look like a complete asshole gaijin trying bad japlish to make myself understood :)

    and while we are on the subject, whats the best way to ask if they provide anal? :)
    i know the term "AF" in japan, but don't know if its possible to ask for "AF" or if i should call it something else?
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    Good questions. If anyone can provide more answers, I can add them into the Abbreviations/Translations post.

    One of the best things you can do if you have some Japanese reading knowledge is read the 'copy' about different girls' descriptions, as well as find a few review sites, because they'll usually describe their bodies there, too. I look for スレンダー (surendaa - slender) for skinny/toned girls, for example.

    Not sure if you can just say "AF", and they'd understand you. The Abbreviations link above has the JP pronunciation if just the initials doesn't work.
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