I arranged a date with this chick...


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Jun 21, 2010
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She's from Craigslist and I'm taking her on a date to the fireworks stuff this weekend at Tokyo Bay.

She's charging around 5man for the whole evening which includes dinner and playtime after the show.

I'll follow up about this chick after the date, her latest craigslist ad was flagged today, I'll post a new link with her new ad when it comes back up.

Wish me luck!
God, good luck with that. If she even shows up!

I certainly hope it does go well if she does show. Awaiting an update on this one.
She was a no-show. Disappointed...

Her ad hasn't reappeared since I first contacted her and I did not get her telephone number since we used email to communicate.

Drank lots of beer instead, still had a good time.