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    December 2017

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    100 minutes / 34000 ?


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    I read reviews around here about Dolce and I don't think everyone gets it. Its meant to be a particular experience. You are really meant to have a conversation with the girls before hand so they can make you feel that they are, well, quite a bit younger than they are. So not all of the girls will take you if you don't speak a little Japanese.

    I was only offered Ichigo and I figured what the 'eck? After a bit of a wait - half an hour? - I was led upstairs where this bubbly little lass swept me into a room that was a bit tired but not so bad. Very pretty face.

    She really chatted me up. She wanted to know English slang and my favorite foods and what I liked about Japanese girls. I am not great with Japanese so we made extensive use of our phones to translate. Her bio says she was "an idol" beforehand and I can almost believe it, she has a real charming manner to her.

    When she took her little schoolgirl slip off she revealed a lean and smooth body. Just very nice if you like a thin lass. Not too many ribs showing.

    She washed me and told me she didn't do nurunuru, because she didn't have the boobs for it. Instead she laid me down on the bed and made me feel like she was really eager to show me what she could do.

    Fam, I must be honest with you here. This girl had no idea what she was doing. She had me wick in her mouth and her head was pounding up and down like the motor on a one-cylinder Triumph. I asked her if she would let me have a go on top, but didn't communicate my intentions well and she smeared herself with a dab of lube before DATY. Strawberry flavored no less! She moaned rather mechanically, though a little bit of my creepy old bastard technique and I got some surprised sounds out of her.

    I rode her gently for a bit and it was quite nice to look at her face while popping. She really has a good manner about her.

    We talked about nothing for a little while longer and she made a far too strong effort to have another go at me but feeling like you are a lorry being winched out of a ditch is not going to do it for me lass, sorry.

    All in all though, I enjoyed the time. If you want a nice young slim girl you could do worse I think. And maybe with some practice her technique will improve.

    Final Thoughts:
    Not Recommended.

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