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Ikebukuro Pink Salon

John Munch

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May 12, 2013
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Alright, it's time for my first report here. Last weekend I went looking for pink salons around the east and north exits of Ikebukuro Station. I first tried Gre-Ful ( but they were not GF. If anyone else has any luck there please let us know. Then I tried Minami no Shima, located much closer to the east exit (and the policebox). Here is the link: The young tout asked questions about my Japanese (I'm fluent), and he let me in. I spoke with him again on the way out, and he said the will only let foreigners in if they are confident that you will be able to freely communicate with the girl in Japanese. I arrived around 20:30, and I let the tout pick a girl for me, which cost 7,000 yen for 30 minutes. Had I picked a girl from the board I would have had to pay another 2,000 yen. They led me to a booth where the girl was waiting. The booth walls were high enough for some privacy, with the booth entrance angled so you couldn't see the action in the booth across the aisle. The music is loud but not too loud, and they play heavy-base eurotechno. The girl said she was 25, had a great body with a perfect tan, great teeth and a great attitude. All the girls wear black string bikinis, and the other girls I saw were young, slim and hot. My girl wasn't a smoker which was great since I enjoy kissing, and she was a great kisser! I'm not going to give away her name/number, but she looked way better than the picture on their website. Measurements and age listed on the website seemed to be correct upon inspection. She gave me the best CBJ (I brought my own cover) I had in a long time! After we were done she brought a little members card with a personal handwritten message, including her working hours. With a members card I get a 1,000 yen discount next time. Then she led me to the exit of the booth area and gave me a good bye kiss. Comparing to the only other Pink Salon I have ever been to, Hinomaru in Shinjuku, the experience here was way better with hotter and younger girls, better service/technique and attitude.
Excellent review for a first post! Thanks.

I'm assuming BBBJ is okay?
Thank you meiji! BBBJ seems to be the standard service there. Maybe it depends on the girl, but my girl didn't have any condoms handy when I arrived at the booth. When I asked if CBJ was OK she said she would have to go and get them somewhere else, so she was happy when I told her I brought my own.
Since my last report on Minami no Shima I have been back to Minami no Shima twice. Each time I first tried different pink salons in the area and was turned away each time. If anyone has any luck at Choco Love ( and/or Club Goo ( please let us know.

You can find the fees and a Google map here: I always arrived in the evening, and I paid 7,000 yen each time, letting management pick a girl for me. So far I'm very happy with the selection, so reason yet to pay the extra 2,000 yen to select a girl. The girls always lead their customers to the exit and give a good bye kiss, so you see girls passing by your booth all the time. All the girls I saw were hot, so unless I get a favorite girl I will just let management pick a girl going forward. I have written up reports for last two Minami no Shima girls I had below.

Name/number: Website No. 19, can't pronounce her name,
Appearance: Measurements on the website seemed to match. Irl the girl looked better than on the website, but the website pics are not that great anyway. Not fat, nice waistline and well-put-together with large, stiff and very squeezable tits. She was 24, sligthly higher than the age on the website, and she was a cutie!Not a smoker. They have different themes every day, and since this day was school girl day she was wearing a uniform.
Service: She went fully nude and started working my friend, good skills but a little too much HJ, but after I told her she finished with an OK CBJ. At the end she went to write a personal card for me.

Name/number: Sana, website No. 75
Appearance: Measurements on the website seemed to match, except maybe another cm or so around the waist. Short girl, nice body, age 25, same as on the website. Nice small, fairly squeezable tits. They had a bikini theme, so she was wearing a black, string bikini.
Service: So far the best service I ever got in a pink salon in Japan. She used only mouth for the BJ, no hands which is rare in Japan, and she let me go really deep. Also gave my friend lots of paizuri (Japanese for Russian) She almost insisted on having my finger working deep in her wet, furry friend all the time, which I didn't mind at all. At the end she went off to write a card for me.

The 2nd time I went there they barely asked about my Japanese. The third time management was different and first tried to turn me away for being a foreigner, but when I showed the card the last girl wrote for me and told them I had been there 2 times already they sent for the tencho, he showed up soon and after answering several questions about my Japanese level (fluent) he let me in. All 3 girls I had so far said they never had a Caucasian before, only just a few Asians/half-Japanese. When I was finished the guy who asked me all the questions about my Japanese came up and gave me a stamp card, apologizing for keeping me waiting when I first arrived. Maybe the stamp card will make things smoother next time. If anyone on TAG is thinking about visiting Minami no Shima please remember that this is not Hinomaru where you can get in without almost any Japanese. Management at Minami no Shima told me they only let fluent Japanese speakers in, so unless you are confident you can pass management's review please don't bother going there.
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i decided to give this place a go after reading this post! I had no issues being accepted since my japanese is fluent. i refrained from paying the 2000 yen nomination fee and figured i try my luck! i ended up with a girl named Maron, number 35, if i remember right. nothing special with the lfk and dfk and not too bad with BJ. it was BBBJ of course. she a slim build with a japanese large b cup bust, and she took CIM like a champ!
Minami no Shima stopped accepting foreign customers. The doorman said the decision was made by corporate headquarters (large Pink Salon operator, forgot the name of the company) and that it included all their shops. He pointed at a new, larger "no gaijin" sign above the door. He said it was because some of the girls don't like foreigners. Maybe someone had been THAT guy? Anyway, he was very polite and apologetic about it, especially as he knew I had been a regular and had been rewarded a discount card a week earlier. After leaving I tried their sister shop Club Goo down the street which I had used couple of times, but I got the same message there. Well, good things won't last forever!
If anyone has any luck at Choco Love (

I was in ikebukuro yesterday trying to enter to choco love, campus, and minami no Shima with no success.

I am fluent in Japanese, but not so young. Only campus refused me before enter.
In the others a hops was OK talking with the first guy.... But later the manager apologized about the policy to only accept Japanese. I though that a Chinese or Korean has more possibilities...

I've tried jam jam, hinomaru, and new hot point, and definitely I want to try nicer girls (or a little bit more service than new hot point).

Any idea is welcome, and ikebukuro would be perfect.

Thank you in advance.
I've tried my luck in East Ikebukuro. Chocolove, Campus, Amour, Starlight and New PM were all no-go. I have no idea about West Ikebukuro, though.

I have a feeling that Campus and Amour are actually one big place that's connected underground, they just have separate entrances. And looking at Pin36, there seems to be a place called Paradise next to Starlight now – I wonder if that's new?
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Today I went again.

"Paradise" seems to be started from this year in Jun. it´s next "starlight". In the same building there is "New cristal" in the 3F (perhaps newer, it doesn´t compares in Pin36 website yet).
I´ve tried also "let´s" in the west side.

Bad luck in all of them.
I wil try saying I am half japanese.
Just walked past there but no tout and a heavy door that made me very nervous...