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I'm about to get fired

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Mar 4, 2013
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I'm about to get fired after working for almost 30 years for an international company. I know the Japanese Labour Law is quite good and in favour of employees. But can anyone tell me if it is better to get lawyer involved? What kind of severance package can I expect for such a long time with he same company?
Thanks for your help and advice!
I'd see what they are offering and then decide whether to involve a lawyer. Seems like 6-12 months' pay is typical in employee buy outs here, but sometimes people can get much more than that. All depends on circumstances
Thanks for the advice! You think 6-12 months pay is all? I was almost 30 years with the same company and the last 10 years in a senior / executive position! Should I target 30 months pay? Is that reasonable?

Thanks for helping me out on this!
To clarify, are you being 'fired' or more like 'laid off'?

In any case, I agree with fireman's post. See what they offer, don't sign anything and then contact a lawyer if you think the offer is truly weak.

I just went through the same thing. As others have said, under no circumstances sign anything. Record any meetings. You do not have to ask permission to record in Japan. This was told to me by a lawyer.

I highly recommend Tokyo Public Law Office's Foreigner Service section. They only charge about 5000 yen for a 30 minute consult.

Also the Tokyo gov't has a free labor consultation service. They provide English & Chinese translators. This link is in Jps, but about halfway down under 外国人労働相談 there is a list of offices and times that they have translators available.

Good luck!
Thanks for your support on this! I really appreciate it!
30 years. Wouldn't you be due to retire or did you start so young?

Fire a guy after 30 years, sounds like a whole bunch of politics is related.

Another lesson, told to me by a good friend, is that older guys should think about starting a business.

It's hard for older guys to get hired, if you have your own company, you are better off.
Agree with Cabbie, get a lawyer Willy! They mite save your ass. Very difficult to legally fire a dude with 30 years service unless you have committed a felony. In you were Japanese, you would find you were not being given your morning cuppatea and all sorts of devious and nasty psychological ploys used to try and get you to resign.

Refuse to sign anything. Refuse to resign. Record all meetings. Your lawyer will advise you what to do.
Quite likely the scenario has played out, a year after he posted that.
I cant help but I wanted t say that I am sorry for your situation and I truly hope all will turn out well for you.

All the best of luck and a big hug

Serena Vincente x
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