I'm searching for a cute crossdresser in Tokyo


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Sep 28, 2012
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Hello! I'm new here. I try to find a cute Japanese crossdresser, but i still didn't found any. I should go for a ladyboy for more results in my researchs, but i prefer a crossdresser. Also, some Japanese crossdressers i have seen doesn't use fake breast, which is also a good thing for my personal taste (i prefer a crossdresser with no breast, but it's just a preference).

I don't really know about escort (i never tried before) but i'm not searching especially for sex, i just want to meet a cute Japanese crossdresser, have a hug with him, and it would be a nice thing if i could also kiss him (and even if i think it's impossible, i would love to have a photo from him with me, NOT naked of course, just for a memory of this good time, but i have some doubt on this one, anyway i would respect his decision). Well, in another kind of idea, if he accept doing also some more "private things", i think i would love it too, but this is not what i'm mainly looking for.

Unfortunatly, i'm unable to find any Japanese crossdresser escort, each time i do research, i always found website about ladyboy, which is not the same thing.

please, can i have some help from you, to find?
Dear milly-san, thanks for open this interesting thread. Honestly i just went on it to know what does it means crossdresser... I really hope some experts could provide you valuable information about this topic. I am pretty sure you can find all that you want about sex industry in Tokyo, so do not lost the hope ;-)
Dear astrako-san, thanks for your reply on my thread, i wondered if i would receive a response (around 80 read for 0 answer), but i suppose this was because nobody knew where to find a cute Japanese crossdresser. I still hope that somebody will be able to bring me some help on this topic.

In case somebody else was wondering what i mean about crossdresser, i bring some explanations: I don't know if it's the more appropriate word, as i usually doesn't speak English, but i mean a Man (with man genital = no operation) who dress like a women, with women clothes, have makeup, and feminine haircut, with no hair on their legs and arms, and no facial hair. Usually these man are not using hormone nor operation. I specified a "cute" crossdresser because i want a credible; looking as much as possible like a women (except for the breast). Maybe the right word is transvestite? I'm not sure... is transvestite is the same thing as a crossdresser? or if there is any difference... so i used crossdresser but maybe it is a not used word in the English language. ^_^
Well, this certainly isn't a usual topic to cover. But, here it goes...

Essentially, what you are asking for is a transvestite or a cross-dresser as you described. Essentially, in appearance, they are one in the same but some would flame me for saying it that way.

In Tokyo, the best place to find these people that fit into these categories, would be in Shinjuku's Ni-Chome which is widely know for the people that hang out there that participate in 'alternative' lifestyles. They even have clubs for transvestites and cross-dressers, where you could probably easily pick one up. The only limitation would be the language issue, they probably don't speak anything else except Japanese.

You may find various types of people and you may not find exactly what you are looking for. Aside from Craigslist, it's probably the best place to start.

Otherwise, I would search out places in Shinjuku Ni-chome or search by the actual name: 新宿二丁目

That all said, I will confirm for you that there is a demand for this. We get a fair amount of private requests asking for help in finding their preferred match, like what you are asking for. However, our contacts don't usual dabble in that side of the business. (usually)

That's really all about we can tell you at this time.