IMAX in Japan?


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Jan 10, 2010
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Does any one know of any IMAX theaters in Japan? I heard that there are some and that more were coming.

Links or information anyone?

Google is your friend!

Here's the ones I know of:

The closest one to Tokyo is in Kawasaki, but there's some announcement floating around that more IMAX screens are coming to Tokyo after the huge success of Avatar.

You can also search from:

I'll be honest, I didn't know about the IMAX screens until AFTER Avatar was finished in Japan. Dammit.
Oh, Hey! I didn't know this!

I missed Avatar on IMAX?

Nevermind me, I'm going to go cry in a corner <overthere>. :(
Well, Well. I'll be damned.

How did we miss this? I really wanted to see Avatar in IMAX. :(

Lesson learned! Don't listen to other foreigners who don't know what they are talking about. Instead, Google it! A number of people IMAX wasn't in Japan, which I found hard to believe. I cannot believe that I didn't search this out sooner.


You and me both!

That IMAX theater in Kawasaki is about 35-40 minutes from my place, no that bad - just would need to careful about last trains when seeing a late night movie.