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May 13, 2013
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I'll be staying in the Nihonbashi district next week, and would like sensual massage with a very happy ending (from what I'm reading here I don't think I fancy full sex).

My question is should I go out to find one, and if so where's nearest? If not, should I book one to come to my room, and if so can anyone recommend any agencies? I've seen the Tokyo massage service website for example.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

Thank you :confused:
Try Asian Smile which a sister shop of Asian Feeling & Asian Relax which near Shimbashi. Go to the following link.

Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Building 4F 3-16-3 Karasumori
1 minute walk Shimbashi station Karasumoriguchi

They do provide a happy ending.
Thanks Bichan, that's very helpful - the place looks good and relatively close to where I'm staying.


Write a review should you visit. It gives us other venues to explore.

Thanks to all the helpful information on this site, I've got quite a few places that I hope to get to, and will write a summary when I get back.

Thanks again
Thanks for all this useful information.
Question: while she is giving you a happy ending, can you touch the lady or it is strictly no touch??
Have a look at my "Sunday afternoon in Kabukicho" post in the massage review section, and I hope that helps, but basically apart from putting my hand on her thigh there was no touching -or undressing. :(