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Information About Fuzoku (風俗) and Massage Services in Japan

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Sep 11, 2009
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As opposed to the traditional escort services in Japan, there are many Japanese shops and independent ladies that provide a variation of simulated sex, erotic massages and other forms of manual oral and digit play. This section of the Tokyo Adult Guide is dedicated to these shops and the ladies that provide these types of services to their clients.

Here is some basic terminology that you should understand about the Japanese Fuzoku (風俗)

Delivery Heath (デリヘル/de-ri-he-ru) - Generally pronounced as "deriheru", these types of shops take telephone requests and then send a girl to your location. Each shop has its own unique rules about where they will send their girls to. Generally speaking, most people will request to meet the selected girl at a Love Hotel or their home. There is a lot of variation in service and cost depending where the shop is located and how far the shop is willing to send the girls. The quality of the girl and the service is also reflective of the cost that the client is willing to pay to receive these services. This particular type of service has been recognized since about 1999 and there have been only estimates of how much revenue these types of shops generate. The number of these shops has steadily increased and at one timed rivaled directly with the number of fast food shops around Japan. Recently, with the downturn in the economy, these shops have begun accepting some foreigners (外国人) that have mastered a decent level of Japanese speaking ability. However, some girls will still refuse to see any non-Japanese or some cases, non-Japanese. Note: If you have a favorite girl that you like to see, you may be charged a small nomination fee. Usually this is between 1,000 and 2,000 Yen for each request. This money is received directly to the girl, the parent shop does not take a percentage of this money.

Soaplands (ソプランド/so-pu-ra-n-do) - Pronounced as how you think it would be, these types of shops provide a very expensive bathing experience with a very skilled prostitute. The standard practice the more typical Soapland shops include a basic bath and then usually the girl will use a little soap and her naked body to 'lather up' the customer. Japan's Soaplands are regarded at the highest tier of service compared to other types of shops. Soaplands usually have expert girls that are very beautiful and usually a pleasure to be with. Soaplands actually follow a rich traditional history from Yoshiwara, which still today contains very high-level service establishments. Men from all over Japan come to Tokyo with the Yoshiwara district being at the top of their destination list. However, like the Soaplands' other related sex business cousins, they too have also taken a dive in the revenue department as many men have begun to seek out cheaper alternatives. The number of Soaplands has declined steadily in the last 15 years. Nevertheless, Soaplands that still thrive provide the top notch experience that men have come to know for many years. Once again, just like other Japanese shops, foreigners are generally not allowed to take part in a Soapland experience. However, things have been slowing changing as a result of the economy and businesses finding it hard to turn any customer willing pay the money required to be admitted to a Soapland.

This document is a work in progress, updates to follow.
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