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Feb 9, 2013
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Hello guys & gal(s)... new to this site although I am already familiar with Tokyo. I lived in Tokyo for about 10 years 98-07 and had a couple favorite places that I pretty sure are closed now. Im expecting to move back to Tokyo in a few weeks (from Okinawa) to start a new job and will be on the hunt again.

I prefer non professionals although they can be little more complicated or time consuming, but once you have one or two on the line its a lot of fun. Having said that I am also open to the pro circuit. I dont mind paying long as the price is reasonable and the service is at least avg/above avg.

If things work out and I make it back to Tokyo will be reading and posting regularly. I look forward to learning from the TAG experts!

Welcome and thanks for joining TAG, we hope to see your future contributions!