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Aug 15, 2013
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Long time reader first time poster, I decided it was time to contribute something back to this most useful site.
While I spend a great deal of time elsewhere I am a frequent traveller to Japan, most of this for work, but I also elect to spend all my vacation time in Tokyo every year.

I also have studied the japanese language for some time, and while not fluent and still many kanji shy of literate I can speak and read basic japanese.
I continue to formally study japanese in my spare time, and will eventually relocate to Tokyo once it fits with the current plan at my job.

I discovered this site nearly a year ago but never had anything "new" to contribute, recently I have been exploring some of the recommendations on this site, I must say I am very grateful for some of the great contributions here by the regulars, I wouldn't have known where to start without them.

Thank you for this site, and I hope I can contribute something back.