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Sep 24, 2009
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Hi Everyone!!!!

You have to leave it to a woman to bring the cake. Seriously guys? Couldn't you at least have brought some wine or other goodies?!!?:p:p

Let's get the party started, shall we? My name is Karen aka "Cake", you can call me either or, I don't mind either way! :) I have to come to TAG to bring a female presence among all of the male operators here! This is scary, but I brought cake and I sure hope someone brings in the wine!

Let's see, what do you really want to know or need to know about me? I am from Ohio in that chunk-o-land called the USA. Japan is like America, on a diet, yes? You agree? Good, I knew you would! :p I'm in Japan for the time being, following this path fate has set upon me.

First order of business:

-Get some girly stuff added to this website... you guys have no idea to make a site more attractive for the ladies. You guys will just have to suffer and like it! :D :D

-Add some stuff to my section of the message board, which is the 'TAG Core' area... hold a tic....hey Eliah, if you read this, I cannot do squat yet! Fix me up! :) (oh, i don't mean that kind of 'fix me up':p)

I am off to search for something pink, this blue is depressing. :rolleyes: You guys are going to make me wear that Mod tag, aren't you? :mad:


Welcome to the team here at the Tokyo Adult Guide. I received your text message and thought I would drop by to officially welcome you and get your account fixed.

Chris should be popping around soon as well.

Cake? ........??? Cake??

She's going to try and take this place over!!!


Much love, welcome. :D

Still forming my plan... :cool:

but, thanks for the message.

YES, CAKE! Who does not love CAKE?
who does not like cake? yes I like cake... what kind of cake?

lol manager, cat pic is a win
Cats are a secondary weakness of mine. Damn you!

Xer, chocolate cake of course! :D
chocolate? ok, it is good then! i prefer yellow cake w/chocolate icing.

Welcome! Do you have any idea what you are getting into? Good to have you on the team, hope you will hang in there!