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Feb 27, 2014
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Date/Time: Thursday, April 17, 2014

Provider: http://www.bettybluedh.com

Contact Info: http://www.bettybluedh.com/girls/ivy/girls.html

Type/Location: Betty Blue at Uguisudani. Love hotel Asaian P-Door (2 hrs @¥3,500!)

Language Specifics: Gaijin friendly but my Japanese is good

Session Length/Fee: 80 min ¥2o,000

Physical Description: Cute, but not her photo, nice body, 'full furry jacket' below

Details: First time to use BB and Ivy looked hot. I had called BB ahead to confirm Ivy. Got the last room available at Asian P-Door for 2 hours and called the Man. Based on the photo of Ivy, she must have had to walk from a long distance because she wore down her long legs significantly and it must had taken a while because she was much more advanced than 22 years… It was 20 minutes before she showed which was cutting things very fine. Still, she was nice enough looking. Very nice rack (seemed natural) and just wait til I talk about her arse! Very practical gal and shower was ho-hum. Once into the sack she initiated with kissing. Bit too much sloppy tongue. She said later I was her first foreigner so Japanese guys might appreciate it more. Standardized nipple licking and onto the BBBJ. She seemed in a bit of a hurry so I slowed her down with a bit of direction as to where was best as I am very sensitive. She said (almost no English and Japanese was so-so) "Condom now?" but explained I enjoy enjoying a woman's body so lay down and relax. Eventually got down to DATY. Readers, this lady has the best, tastiest, most edible pussy I have ever jammed my face into. I mean Mary Poppins perfect. And right in close proximity is an equally scrumptious, photogenic rosebud, if you are into that, which I am. She should have been paying me. She enjoyed it after the initial shock and told me so. She pushed back so deliciously. It was beautiful! But time was moving on so after a bit more BBBJ it was on with the latex, which she rolled on backwards.... She settled nicely with CG and was enthusiastic enough. A far-too-soon pop. We chatted a bit. She claimed she was new to Tokyo so seeing as 'Ivy' has been on the BB site for a while I teased her with that foreknowledge. She claimed she was 22 but I would add 8-10 years, but she was still nice. I would say she has had her face done (but she said no). Just when I gearing up we ran out of time.

Recommendation: If DATY and other close encounters are your interest, she is a 12 out of 10. But go gently (she complimented me on that). Just the thought of that fantastic butt in doggy is enough to make me think about it again. She was bit mechanical in her administrations but she certainly responded to mine. We sort of hit it off in chatting so I might go again - my only concern is which Ivy would show up!
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As far as I know, Betty Blue is only Uguisudani-based. They do not travel. Like good wines….

As far as I know, Betty Blue is only Uguisudani-based. They do not travel. Like good wines….

Just for the sake of clarification:


...from this page: http://www.bettybluedh.com/guide.html

...says that they are based in Uguisudani but will travel to anywhere in the 23 wards. (2nd line under the telephone number)

However, the travel fee is not listed. It says to "call us" for the details.

I'd expect the travel fee to be kind of high, so may be better to go to Uguisudani anyway.

Hope this helps!
KDHs allows outcalls if youll avail 100mins~ course only(plus transportation fee ofcourse).
also it depends on the girls schedule.

bottom line is they provide outcall services outside uguisudani area