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Jan Jan Review (Saturday Night)

Hairy Guy

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Jun 12, 2013
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So I was bored and had some cash and drove down to Jan Jan. this was my first time going to a PS even. I chose Jan Jan because according to reviews it offered the most privacy. since it was my first time i did not want to be distracted. I have been sticking around the Yamato area and trying my luck with some massage parlor a but you can read those reviews later. I was in need of some head. After all the reviews and info I on this site I was pretty confident I would have a decent time, and I did. I live in Yamato by the NAF Atsugi base so this was about a hour drive. Why didn't I take the train? It takes longer, it's annoying. I like to drive around to different places. Anyways I got down to that area and found a parking lot a block away from the street that Jan Jan is on. Parked and started walking toward the lights. It's 1030 at night on a Saturday so I'm expecting this area to be crawling with people. Not the case. I turned the corner and saw all the shops and bright lights and only 2 touts on the street. It was like a deserted movie set in universal studios. Super quite. Just awkward. I keep walking toward Jan Jan and the tout in front of PM-something said "hey" or something to the tout at Jan jan and he turned around and greeted me while I was still 20 feet away. He knew I was going there, lol. He points me down the damp brick staircase and I go down and was greeted by a old Japanese woman with a Kon Ban Wa and then she says 4. I give her 5000¥ and she gives me change and takes me in to the room with the couches. I was place all the way in the front left spot. Nice and private. There was a dude behind me just finishing up because as I was walking to my spot I saw the chick putting her clothes back on, I could not tell what she looked like. Anyways. I sit down in the dimmley lit room with crappy music playing and my palms are starting to sweat and im thinking about who or what is gonna walk around that corner to service me. Around walks this woman who had to be 40's in a white nurse outfit. Face was eh. I was thinking, 30 bucks, I could have been worse. She sat down and tried talking to me but I speak no Japanese and she speaks no English. Awesome. So after 20 seconds we both realized this was going nowhere and she points at my crotch and motions to drop my pants. THAT I understand whie I'm wiggling my pants down she unzips her nurse outfit to reveal a pretty killer body! She went from a 2 to a 6 in like 5 seconds. Nice rack, nipples, slim and soft. She gave me a wipe down with some hot towels Then she throws her tits right in my face, I gave her a motorboat and started going to town like a new born calf. After a minute or two I pulled back and said" your turn". She got the point and laid down with her face in my lap and started licking and kissing my manhood. Nice. I grabbed my cock and pulled it toward me so she knew the boys needed some love to. She understood that too and went nuts on my nuts. That was killer! I started rubbing the kitty, had hair but it was very soft so it was unnoticeable, she was quite wet. I don't know if they per-lube or she was enjoying it but she was wet till the end, no penetration just rubbing pretty furiously and she was moaning pretty hard with my cock in her mouth which I absolutely love. The actual bj was eh but the extracurricular ball licking and taint to tip licking made everything much better. She was trying with the bj but after a few minutes I knew I had to show her what I wanted, I grabbed her ass and started rocking her whole body in sync with her mouth slowly increasing the speed. I put my hand on her head at this point and was lightly bouncing it like a basketball. She obliged and started going faster and deeper until I was poking the back of her throat. I knew i was bottoming out because started feeling light teeth, which I like also. A few more minutes went by and by now she was bobbing like a chicken on crack. I knew my time was getting close to being done so I started rubbing her so she was moaning hard and really working the rod nicely. Then I started throbbing and boom, she took a huge load and held on my tip like a bear trap until every drop was out then she did one more half bob with a hard slurp and pulled off and grabbed me a wet towel and wiped my hands then got one for her and spit it out. Then she looked at me and rested her head on my chest staring down and my dick and started rubbing my balls and dick again. I said thanks, that was great- she looked up and got a hot towel and wiped me down good, gave me a peck on the cheek( I turned) she got dressed and said something in Japanese and left, I pulled up my pants, sat back down and took a few sips of tea. I did not know if I was suppose to just get up and leave but I did. On the way out I gave the tout a fist bump and went home. Overall a pretty good experience. I'm gonna try Dio, emotion and hinomaru too.
Boy. Can I paint a picture or what! A bit long winded but that's how I roll
Great posting, Hairy Dude, love all the details. Almost as good as my posts! LOL ... I went to the same place a few years ago and had a somewhat similar experience.