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    Quote from 1Sept1962 from the Escorts Board of this website.

    "Being close by, I hopped on the Yamanote Line and went to Sugamo and to Jan Jan, where I got one of the best BJs of my life. Did not get the girl's name, but I'd never seen her there before (I've been quite a few times during the day), dark hair, amazing body, probably around 40-45. Just an absolutely fantastic experience. That place has never disappointed."

    The lady in question is Yukie. She is one of the best Pink Salon ladies I have had. I felt like putting my dick in another one of her holes. But rules are rules......
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    MossBoss - she was so fantastic, if this is her name, I owe you. I mean, she took her time and built on it, she encouraged me to engage with her and she got more excited as we went on (as did I). I almost stood up when I came. Just really great. Thanks!

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