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Japan Rail Pass


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Jun 21, 2010
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Is there a recommended place to buy Japan rail passes in America?
Worth every penny if you're coming to Japan as a tourist.

There are some limitations but it's not really a big deal, you can still get reserved seats on the Shinkanse and you just can't use the Nozomi trains. Hikari works just fine, the time difference is not that much.
Thanks guys, got a friend coming over in October. She's going to get the rail pass so she can travel via Shinkansen to parts south of Tokyo.

I see tourists using these things daily, worth the price a few times over.
I used the Rail Pass system before I moved to Japan, it was a ticket to great adventures to stations on the Shinkansen lines. I've known people that come to Tokyo and don't go anywhere else, such a waste. One of my friends that was here last year didn't hardly leave the area where his hotel was. He'd only go to other parts of Tokyo with me when I'd pull his teeth to go.

On the other hand, I've heard of people that live in Japan, forging rail passes. :eek: